Travel diaries: an exciting 5-day trip to Seattle, Washington

This summer I have not had the time or luxury to travel as much as I wanted to so I decided to book this quick getaway to Seattle when I found a great deal through Jetblue. I had been to Portland, Oregon before and I loved it, but found it so different from California, in a good way of course. That trip made me more keen to explore the Pacific Northwest and really learn more about their vibe.

I stayed at Green Tortoise Hostel which is in downtown Seattle and it is not glamorous at all, but it is right near the famous Pike Place Market and other cool attractions, like the first ever Starbucks. I decided to go with a hostel this time, because I figured I would barely be in my room anyways. I booked a few tours and wanted to see as much as possible! Usually when I plan quick getaways, I like to be adventurous and see a lot of the city. For me, it is not really a luxurious vacation, but instead a new adventure where I go crazy with exploring!

However, there are other amazing hotels and places to stay in Seattle that I was considering too, like W Seattle.

DAY 1: The first day in Seattle I did not do any exploring, because by the time I got there it was already night and I was a bit tired. I wanted to wake up refreshed, because the next day I had a plan to go to Mount Rainer.

DAY 2: The next day was a tour of Mount Rainier through GetYourGuide and let me just tell you it was breathtaking!

Below are a few of my favorite pictures from Mount Rainer.


Mount Rainer was so gorgeous and I had an absolutely fantastic time doing some mini hikes to see waterfalls on the tour.

DAY 3: I decided to take another tour. I figured it would be an easy way to see the city, but boy was I wrong! Seattle is easily walkable and I did not have to take a tour. I did regret this part, but it was surely a fun day. I went to Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, Capitol Hill, Fremont, and various other neighborhoods. It was a good tour for those who did not want to explore on their own and I was expecting something quite different.

Anyways, I LOVED the Pike Place Market. I liked it so much that I literally tried samples from every stand. They had phenomenal breads, cheeses, fruits, sandwiches, seafood, basically something to please everyone’s palate!

Below are some of my favorite photos of Pike Place Market.


I have to admit that I ate my way through Seattle. I am a huge foodie and did not want to miss out on all the best places. I had a few bites of everything and my favorite was the dolmas. The dolmas were at a small hole in the wall deli called Michou across from Pike Place Market. They were so good and fresh

I also recommend that you go to Beecher’s for some out of this world mac and cheese. (This is coming from a girl who never even eats pasta!) I also recommend trying the biscuits at Honest Biscuits in Pike Place Market. They are so tasty and the best part: they have gluten free options for health freaks like me. I am also obsessed over the cold apple cider that had hints of peach in it. This cider was being served at a booth and I just had to try it. It was so cool and refreshing! Okay, I think I will stop with the food now, I can seriously just do an entire foodie diary on Seattle itself, haha.

Below is a photo from the Space Needle.


The Space Needle was one of those average attractions that basically lures tourists in. After going to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Coit Tower in San Francisco etc., I just did not find it so magical. I was expecting a lot more but the view was still decent. I personally would not have minded missing this attraction but it is simply one of those Seattle must do’s.

Below is a picture from Kerry Park.


I also went to Kerry Park which had insane views of the city. I loved these city views and cherished each moment in Seattle.

One of my favorite neighborhoods in Seattle had to be Capitol Hill. It is so cute and charming. It is filled with awesome vintage shops and also has lovely cafes. I stopped by at Volunteer Park Cafe which was cozy and had such a homey feeling. Do not be fooled though, the food is spectacular!

Below is the picture of my Heirloom Tomato salad.


It is so good, because it is all local, fresh, and organic. In fact, they have a backyard right in the cafe where they grow their own heirloom tomatoes. Amazing right?! I had to get the Heirloom Tomato Salad which was so yummy and light.

DAY 4: I was scheduled to go to Victoria, Canada, but I was simply exhausted. I was waking up at 6 am everyday and had not gotten good sleep the past few days. I decided to cancel my plan of going to Canada and instead take it easy.

Below are some pictures I took at General Porpoise Doughnuts.


I started my day off with going to General Porpoise Doughnuts. This was one of my best life decisions. Not even kidding! The interior of this place is just to die for. I was in heaven. The marble everywhere was so calming and beautiful. They even had a pink coffee machine. To top that off, they have cute blue to go cups with sea creatures on them. They also serve fresh and tasty doughnuts. I also love how kind the baristas were. This is the perfect place for instagram so do not miss it.

I decided to check out the Fremont Sunday Market which was highly recommended by many people. I was honestly so surprised by all the vintage finds. I was finding pre loved designer pieces for amazing prices. I also found some lovely luggage that I was dying to take back with me. I also did some more shopping at the market for clothing, trinkets, and other unique items.


DAY 5: My last day in Seattle, but I had to fit in one awesome brunch place. I decided to check out the London Plane. This place is so instagram worthy you will go crazy. I loved the decor and I would recommend to visit it just for that. I ordered the avocado toast with egg whites. I have to say that the presentation was incredible, but I was not a huge fan of the dish. I would still recommend visiting this place to take some amazing shots and also visiting the neighborhood. This cafe is located in Pioneer Square which is super charming.

Below are some photos of brunch at the London Plane.


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