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Travel gift guide for the adventurous traveler

Stumped and don’t know what to get your loved one or friend who loves traveling? We all are! Seriously, what do you get someone who is always on the go? This Travel Gift Guide with 30 Travel Gifts (most under $25) will help you to find a gift that your traveling friend will actually use! Make the holiday season special with these 30 gifts! Oh and did I mention that you can easily find all these products in my online Amazon shop? Enjoy!

Gift voucher canvas painting – $10-25

Print your most wonderful and beautiful picture of your last holiday on a Canvas Painting. It is a great memory and I am sure everyone likes to get a Gift Voucher for this.

Laptop notebook computer sticker – $9

Display your love for traveling with a new laptop sticker!

Passport holder- $13

Use a pretty RFID Blocker Passport Holder to travel in style.

Scenic world architecture stickers – $7

These Scenic World Architecture Stickers are fun to get! You can use them for on your MacBook, journal, notebook, planner, luggage, or as laptop decoration.

Carry on cocktail kit – $17

Travel Kit for Drinks on the Go! This fun kit includes a carry-on tin, recipe card, spoon, 1/2 oz jigger, ginger syrup, and linen coaster. It is TSA approved and costs less than $20!

Urban map glasses – $18

How cool are these urban map glasses?! I am sure everyone likes to drink out of these.

Cute luggage tag – $5-20

Every traveler needs a unique travel tag to pick up your luggage more smoothly among dozens of similar-looking ones. There are plenty of nice luggage tag available on the internet.

Hardware survival kit – $18

This hardware survival kit includes all your tools you need while backpacking or hiking. I can’t tell you how many times it has come in handy for me!

Travel agenda – $5-15

An agenda in travel style is always fun to get.You can immediately start planning your next big trip.

An e-sim card – $ 19

Most phones accept e-sims these days and that’s great! An eSIM allowed me to keep my Dutch physical sim at home and to use local numbers for roaming. This way I can keep my Dutch WhatsApp number and can call and message all my contacts on WhatsApp, like if I’m in the Netherlands. The fact that I don’t need to buy a local sim which is made of plastic, also makes eSIM an eco-friendly replacement. By giving an e-sim card, you save your loved one roaming costs and also support the environment!

Here is a link with a special discount for Girlswanderlust followers: click here (coupon code GIRLSWANDERLUST).

World leather mouse pad – $11

This ultra Slim, light weight and foldable Mouse Pad is easy to carry, put into your bag,and bring along all your travels!

Shampoo bar and conditioner bar – $15

Give a shampoo and conditioner bar. One bar will last as long as two or three bottles of shampoo or conditioner. The bars are usually made of 100% environmental ingredients and can be stored in a tin box.

I love the lavendel bars of HappySoaps (recommended for Dutch readers).

A foldable reusable cup – $6

If your loved one drinks coffee or tea, you can help the environment by giving a foldable reusable cup or mug. This way hundreds or even thousands of single-use cups will be saved, depending on the frequency of the hot beverage habit.

Waterproof phone holder – $8

These Waterproof phone holders are great when you want to go swimming at the beach or take part in watersports without leaving your phone and cash behind.

World map watch – $15

A World Map Watch is such a fun way to remember your love of travel!

Travel journey – $7-20

It is always a nice idea to give a journey to someone. It is handy to write about all your adventures, to use some of the paper for a fire or to use it as toilet paper in case you forgot it.

Travel adapter – $14

A multi-nation travel adapter can be compatible with more than 150 countries with US/EU/UK/AU plugs! How handy!?

Travel wallet – $22

A travel wallet is very handy to take with you in busy streets, markets or on the airport. I already have it for four years and still use it on every trip.

Personalized star naming – $34-79

Give the gift of a lifetime by purchasing a star, a symbol of eternal love and wanderlust. Imagine the joy on the face of a travel enthusiast as they receive a personalized certificate, a mesmerizing star map and a thoughtfully curated 6-piece gift kit, all encapsulating the magic of having their name engraved in the night sky for eternity. With the option of personalized star naming and swift delivery in under 48 hours, this unique gift allows your loved one to claim their own celestial corner, making every stargazing moment a reminder of you.

A travel book – $15-25

There are plenty of stories to feed your wanderlust. I love reading and like books that inspire me to travel and dream about new adventures.

Travel towel – $10-25

Fast drying travel towels are great quality, big, quick drying and soft. Can definitely recommend them!

Small shower attributes – $5-15

Small shower attributes are always nice to take with you during your journey. Nobody wants to smell bad, right?!

100% natural deodorant – $5

The plastic packaging of all standard deodorants are extremely harmful to the environment. But don’t worry, these days it’s very easy to buy 100% natural deodorants. Solid deodorants or dusting powders are the perfect replacement to travel plastic-free and light! The solid deodorant is like a soap block made from natural ingredients that you simply rub under your arms and lasts much longer than the aerosol deodorant.

Crumpled map – $17

These crumpled city maps are amazing. They will not get crumpled from overuse. When you are done using it, you just crumple it up and place it in your pocket.

A travel day pack – $25

Give a (foldable) travel day pack for any adventure or season. Day packs are handy and perfect for day trips!

Gamie magnetic board game set – $18

Is your loved one or friend a game lover? These 12 retro fun games are a great addition for on the road, while traveling or camping.

Travel compression bags – $20

Travel compression bags are functional and help you fit more in your luggage. Really worth to buy!

A travel themed tote bag – $10

Giving a travel themed tote bag is always fun to get!

Packing cubes – $23

Packing cubes make packing easy! It helps you organize and pack more efficiently. I can’t travel without them anymore!

Dry bag – $12-25

I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had these! Dry bags come in handy to anyone headed to the beach, pool, mountains, or on an overnight hiking trip. They keep things dry and are actually really easy to use.

Travel hanging toiletry bag – $18

These travel toiletry bags with hanging hooks make accessing cosmetics and toiletries simple!

Travel necklace – $15

I love these travel necklaces that you can get nowadays. A fancy way to remember your love of travel!

There are of course many other travel gifts you could buy your loved one or travel-loving friends and family, but these are some of my favorites and all cost less than $25! I hope you find something among them to give away on that special occasion.

What’s the best travel gift you’ve ever been given?

Author: Daphne

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