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The ultimate Travel Guide to Peel, Isle of Man

Head west on the Isle of Man and you’ll find Peel, the third largest town on the Island. Peel is a thriving Manx fishing port and is known as the ‘Sunset City’. Next to award stunning sunsets, in Peel you can explore the magnificent ruins of Peel Castle, try the world famous Manx Kippers, and eat some of the best ice cream in the Isle of Man! This travel guide to Peel, Isle of Man, will give you advice on how to get to Peel, where to eat in Peel, what to do in Peel, and where to stay in Peel. Enjoy!

What about Peel, Isle of Man?

Peel is a seaside town and small fishing port on the Isle of Man. It is the third largest town on the island after Douglas and Ramsey. Fishing has a long history in Peel as it once was the island’s main fishing port. To this day, the harbor can be seen filled with boats of the fishing trade. The world famous Manx kippers are smoked in Peel.

Peel offers many local shops, restaurants, narrow streets, small houses near the coast, a pleasant beach, a promenade, and a beautiful castle. In the evening a stunning sunset can be seen, which is why Peel is also known as the Sunset City.

How to get to Peel, Isle of Man?

Peel is located on the west coast of the Isle of Man. To the north west is St Patrick’s Isle (Peel Castle), connected to the mainland by a causeway, and to the west across the river is Peel Hill (Corrin’s Tower). Peel is easily accessible to all parts of the island. The A1 road connects Peel with Douglas. The A4 and A3 roads connect Peel with Kirk Michael and Ramsey. To the south of Peel is Castletown, the former capital of the island. When you arrive by car, you can park your car for free at Fenella Beach Car Park.

What to do in Peel, Isle of Man?

There are plenty of nice activities you can do in Peel, Isle of Man. Here’s a list with examples:

Finding layer on layer of Manx history in Peel Castle

Visit Peel Castle on St Patrick’s Isle, an isle once home to Christian missionaries, Viking warriors and kings, and be impressed by this magnificent heritage site. Constructed by the Vikings in the 11th century, Peel Castle remains an impressive place and provides an intriguing walk through history. This post will give you some background information on Peel Castle, shows Peel Castle’s main sights, introduces you to Modde Dhoo, and shows the best photos author Daphne took during her holiday on the island.

Enjoy Peel beach

Peel Beach is a sandy beach set in a beautiful bay, bounded by Peel Castle and the Peel Harbour on one side and red sandstone cliffs on the other.

Watch the sunset from Peel Promenade or the castle perimeter

Peel is known for its amazing sunsets. Take a walk around the promenade or the castle perimeter to view the sunset.

Tour Moore’s Traditional Curers in Peel

If you are interested in Manx produced food, you should tour Moore’s Traditional Curers in Peel and learn about traditional Manx kippers (smoked herring).

Hike to Corrin’s Tower and overlook the city of Peel

Peel Hill is a short walk from the town. Along the way, the views are already fantastic, even if you don’t make it to the top. Those who reach the top are rewarded with views for miles along the west coast in both directions, and through the central valley to the East. On the hill overlooking the City of Peel stands a stone tower known as Corrin’s Tower. Corrin’s tower was built around 1806 by Thomas Corrin, who owned the hill and much land nearby. The site and its position at the summit of the hill was one of his favorite places. It is really worth to hike to Corrin’s tower. The views are stunning!

Admire stars at the Peel Dark Sky Discovery Site

Peel Castle is one of 26 registered Dark Sky Discovery Sites on the Isle of Man. When you follow the coastal path around Peel Castle and when there is minimal light pollution, Peel is the perfect place to admire the stars over the North West and South. To access the stargazing site, follow the coastal footpath on the right of the castle, under the stone archway. The path is narrow and leads to a grassed viewing area. The footpath has steps present, but the first part is flat.

Photo by James Graham

Learn more about Manx Whale and Dolphin

Visit the Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch Visitor Centre and learn about the marine life found around the Isle of Man. The centre monitors and conserves the unique species and can also give you hints and tips for spotting these incredible creatures.

Spot basking sharks from the shore

The seas by Peel are home to basking sharks in early summer (between May and August). Basking sharks are seen occasionally from the land and more often from boats. Often up to the length of a bus in size, they regularly come within metres of the shoreline and surrounding cliffs. Seals are often to be found around the breakwater by the castle.

Photo by Steve Halama

Visit the Cathedral Isle of Man

Visit Cathedral Isle of Man in Peel to discover the history of the Isle of Man through the mediums of religion, art and culture. The cathedral also has some beautiful gardens.

Collect shells at Fenella Beach

Between the Castle and Peel Hill you find a quiet beach, Fenella Beach. On this beach, you can find plenty of beautiful shells and a small sheltered cove. The view from Fenella Beach is very picturesque.

Find out more about the Island’s history

There’s also the opportunity to find out more about the Island’s history by visiting the interactive House of Manannan museum, the Leece Museum and the unique Manx Transport Heritage Museum. The House of Manannan Museum was built in 1997 and covers the past and present of the island and houses. The Leece Museum is devoted to objects, photographs and documents specifically relating to Peel and the fishing industry of Peel.

Where to eat in Peel, Isle of Man?

If you are looking for some Manx produced food, you can tour Moore’s Traditional Curers in Peel and learn about traditional Manx kippers. It also worth to visit the mobile Fish Bar at the end of the promenade and to try a bun/bap with some fresh fish. There are several tearooms and restaurants in town. If you are still hungry after all the local bites, make sure to visit Davison’s Ice Cream Parlour at the Peel promenade to eat the best Ice Cream you can buy on the Isle of Man.

Where to overnight in Peel, Isle of Man?

Accommodation in Peel is hard to find. At the time I visited Peel, there were no hotels or guesthouses in the town itself. Via AirBnB you can find a room to stay. For example a private room in the townhouse of Glenda or a private room in the townhouse of Moira.

I hope this information can help you prepare and enjoy Peel, Isle of Man. I am sure you will enjoy Peel as much as I did. If you have been to Peel and know any other good things to do, food to eat, hang out places or anything else that could be useful for preparing a trip to Peel, please let me know in a comment! I would love to hear about it.

Author: Daphne

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