Travel to Turkey: Best foods to try

Turkey is a fantastic tourist destination filled with tall mountains, crystal clear waters, small idyllic villages, and ancient empires’ ruins.

You can think about selecting it as the next destination to spend your vacation without keeping any doubts or second thoughts in mind. During the time you spend in Turkey, you will get the opportunity to experience Turkish food.

Turkey has a kitchen culture on your own. Keep on reading, and you will be able to get to know about the best foods to try during the time you spend in the country.

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Best foods to try in Turkey

While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the 5 unique foods that you can enjoy during the time you spend in Turkey.


Lokum is one of the most popular local dishes that you can find in Turkey. You can discover two different variations of Lokum. One type of Lokum is made out of sugar, whereas the other is made out of honey. If you want to enjoy the best tasting Lokum, you must look at the ones based on honey. It will be a sweet treat, which can deliver a fantastic experience for you. You can find Lokum in all parts of Turkey.


Kofte is a juicy meatball. You can find them all around the country as well. These meatballs are either fried, baked, or cooked.

During the preparation stage, Kofte’s flavor is enhanced with onion, chili, beef mince, and burglar wheat. You will be able to discover dedicated Kofte restaurants in the country. You can buy these meatballs in numerous combinations, and you will never get fed up with the options available to consider.

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Gozleme is a popular street food that you can find in Turkey. It is made out of rolled pancakes. Inside Gozleme, you can discover numerous delicious ingredients such as spinach, cheese, vegetables, and minced meatballs. You will be able to taste Gozleme at most of the local restaurants located around the country.

Turkish Pide

If you want to try traditional pizza in Turkey, you must take a look at Turkish Pide. These are well-known as Turkish pizza among tourists. Turkish Pide looks different from regular pizza. That’s because they have an open flatbread crust, which is baked within the oven. Then it is covered with numerous toppings, such as cheese and minced meat.

Turkish Tea and Coffee

We thought of including Turkish Tea and Coffee on the list because you should never miss them during the time you spend within the country. You will notice that Turkish tea is available to you in numerous flavors. They include traditional bitter taste as well. You can try pomegranate tea, which is served either cold or hot.

These are some of the most prominent foods and beverages you can enjoy in Turkey. Please take a look at these and go for the best ones to enjoy the time you are spending in the country.

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