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With these travel jobs you can easily travel the world

Travel is often not as expensive as people think. There is always the possibility to travel the world and find work overseas to pay your journey. This post will describe some travel jobs to give you inspiration!

1. Use your love for children

Do you love kids? Then use your love (and experience) to find an au-pair job. Usually you will get a room, board and weekly pay check. Good websites to find an au-pair job are Goaupair or Aupairworld.

2. Go harvesting

Even if you are backpacking through Australia or on a road trip through Italy, there are always plenty of harvesting jobs to find. Think about harvesting olives, strawberries, flowers or other fruits and vegetables.

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3. Teach English (or another language)

In almost every country in the world, people are willing to learn English and looking for native speakers. When you are not an English native speaker, you can also teach your own native language. In many big international cities, you can find plenty language schools with all kind of languages to learn. In some countries you may need an official certificate to teach a language. If you don’t have this, there are still  some other opportunities to earn money by teaching a language, e.g. as a private teacher.

4. Get seasonal work

Find a (summer) travel job in a bar, restaurant, hotel or on a camping. In the high seasons, tourism companies are always looking for extra (cheap) labour. Try to arrange this kind of job in advance, because when you will go job hopping in the high season, probably all the good jobs are already taken.

5. Work online

If you are handy in web desiging, social media management or any other technological online things, you can always travel around and carry out virtual work for clients. Fiverr and Upwork are good websites to find some virtual work. Also, online surveys are a way to earn money while you travel. All you need is a mobile device and access to a Wi-Fi network. This Survey Junkie review will guide you on how to get started. It will highlight yourself as valuable to the survey company and get better surveys in return.

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6. Use your skills

Do you love diving, yoga, playing music or dancing? Do not be shy and use your skills to find an overseas job. Gumtree, Workaway and Helpx are good websites to find all kind of jobs worldwide. You can also go to a destination and just ask around. You will be surprised by how quick you will find a job you like.

7. Work on a cruise ship or yacht

This is a great job to explore the world! Usually the jobs on a cruise ship contain long working hours and a low salary, but since your living costs, insurance costs and food are usually paid by the company, you can save a lot of money. And this, by travelling the world and meeting a lot of people from all over the world. Good websites to find a job on a cruise ship or yacht are Yacrew or The Cew Network.

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8. Be a tour guide

Being a tour guide is one of my favorite travel jobs. Do you have a lot of knowledge about a city, sight or just love to travel? Use your love for traveling to find a job as a guide. There are often travel agents who are looking for guides or just offer your skills to random tourists at a famous sight.

9. Become a bartender

Almost in every city, there are bars who need a bartender. Of course, in the party destinations or destinations with high tourism seasons, you have a higher chance to find a bartender job. European Bartender School is the biggest- and most professional US bar tending school and provide bartender training and jobs worldwide.

10. Work as a volunteer

Even though these jobs do not pay, you will save money because often you will get a room or board in return. It will keep you longer on the road. Handy websites to find volunteering jobs are Working Abroad Volunteer InternationalGrassroots Volunteering or United Nations Volunteers.

11. Take a job in financial services

Financial services careers, such as accounting or mortgage jobs, are ideal for those that need to travel because they are needed all around the world. Once you have qualifications and experience, you will then be able to take these skills just about anywhere in the world. One of the big appeals of working in financial services is the potential to land a lucrative and high-paying role at a major firm. Jobs at this level aren’t going to open up to you instantly, but if you are able to prove yourself, then you should find it relatively easy to find a high paying job abroad.

Jobs in the financial services sector tend to appeal to those who are good with numbers. If you feel right at home with math and statistics puzzles, then this is undoubtedly an excellent potential career for you to explore. The potential to take your skills around the world is just an added bonus.

12. Become a flight attendant

Perhaps one of the most obvious travel jobs for anyone that wants to be able to jet around the world is that of a flight attendant. Flight attendants are responsible for seeing to the needs of passengers during air travel on short domestic flights as well as longer international routes. Most flight attendants in the US will begin by accompanying flights during domestic travel, before moving on to long-haul international flights afterwards.

The precise requirements for becoming a flight attendant will vary from airline to airline; there is no universal standard for hopefuls to adhere to. Of course, you will need to be comfortable with traveling on an aircraft, and you will also need to have good interpersonal skills in order to interact with passengers and see to their needs during the flight.

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For people who love to travel, choosing a job that is conducive to traveling can lead to much higher levels of job satisfaction, as well as greater levels of overall happiness. The above travel jobs are just a small selection of the many options that are perfectly suited to those who want to travel.

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