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Luxury Travel: Turkish Airlines Business Class from Istanbul to Amsterdam

Recently, I had the privilege of flying business class on Turkish Airlines Flight TK1957, which was operated on an Airbus A330-200. This journey from Istanbul to Amsterdam not only offered comfort in the air, but also included a 6-hours layover at the Business Class Lounge in Istanbul. In this article, I describe all the highlights of my business class adventure. Enjoy!

A Cost-Effective Upgrade

My journey began when I decided to upgrade my ticket from economy class to business class for an additional charge of €250,00. This decision turned out to be one of the best choices I’ve made when it comes to travel. The upgrade not only allowed me to fly business class with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Amsterdam, but also gave me access to the Miles&Smiles Business Lounge in Istanbul. This was great because my trip already started in Jakarta where I took a 12-hour flight to Istanbul. In Istanbul, I had to wait 6 hours until my next flight and I was able to spend this time in the business class lounge.

Istanbul Airport’s Business Lounge

Turkish Airlines offers a beautiful lounge for its business class passengers. The Miles&Smiles and Business Lounge was a haven of comfort filled with food, food, and food. I began with a delightful breakfast, enjoying a croissant, an assortment of cheeses, and fresh salads, accompanied by fresh orange juice and a cappuccino.

After a refreshing shower and a bit of indoor golf, I indulged in Turkish pizza, a Turkish bagel with special butter, more cheese, and salads. In between, I used the free Wi-Fi to catch up on work.

As my departure time drew near, I couldn’t resist one last indulgence. I sipped on a steaming cup of traditional Turkish tea, accompanied by a slice of cake that offered a sweet contrast to the earlier savory dishes. To conclude, I savored one last plate of cheese, appreciating the richness of Turkish cheese varieties.

This business lounge truly made my airport experience a memorable journey in itself.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Boarding

One of the advantages of flying business class with Turkish Airlines is the boarding process. There was a dedicated business class queue, so I enjoyed priority boarding. This not only saved time, but also allowed me to board the aircraft in a relaxed and unhurried manner.

A Warm Welcome and Fresh Start

As I settled into my business class seat on the Airbus A330-200 (seat 5 B, all the way in the back), I was greeted by the attentive cabin crew with a welcome drink. I opted for a refreshing glass of fresh orange juice, which was the perfect way to start my journey. The small but thoughtful gesture set the tone for the exceptional service that awaited me.

A Culinary Delight at 30,000 Feet

During the 3.5-hour flight from Istanbul to Amsterdam, I enjoyed a delicious lunch. Actually, I was still stuffed from all the food and drinks from the business lounge, but well… a business class lunch I couldn’t resist, of course.. I could choose from several meals and chose the following:

  • Champagne: A glass of bubbly champagne to start the meal on a high note.
  • Smoked Salmon and Prawn: A delightful seafood appetizer that set the stage for what was to come.
  • Selection of fresh breads: A delightful selection of fresh breads was included.
  • Fillet of Swordfish: The main course featured perfectly grilled swordfish served with a medley of grilled vegetables, buttered potatoes, and roasted red pepper.
  • Selection of grilled cheese: A selection of grilled cheeses was presented. I love cheese, so this was perfect for me.
  • Homemade Eclairs with Vanilla Cream and Chocolate Sauce: A sweet ending to an exquisite meal, the eclairs were the perfect dessert.

The presentation and taste of each dish were amazing, showcasing Turkish Airlines’ commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience at 30,000 feet.

Comfort and Space

In addition to the delicious cuisine, the business class seats on the Airbus A330-200 were incredibly comfortable. I was seated at seat 5B, all the way in the back. The ability to lay down entirely made it easy to get some much-needed rest during the flight. With ample leg space, I never felt cramped or uncomfortable.

In-Flight Entertainment System:

The in-flight entertainment system on Turkish Airlines Flight TK1957 was perfect for me. I could choose from a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, and games. The touchscreen made navigation effortless and noise-canceling headphones were provided. The live flight map allowed me to track the aircraft’s progress and access real-time flight information.

Is it worth upgrading to Business Class on Turkish Airlines?

To end this post, I answer the question, was upgrading to Business Class on Turkish Airlines worth it? The answer is yes, but it’s important to consider various factors, including personal preferences, flight duration, cost, and the type of aircraft.

Turkish Airlines Business Class offered me a host of benefits, such as more spacious seating, a lie-flat bed, priority service, and access to the business class lounge. In my case, the combination of a comfortable business flight and the 6 hours of access to the Miles&Smiles and Business Lounge made the upgrade unquestionably worth it.


In conclusion, my experience flying business class with Turkish Airlines on Flight TK1957 aboard the Airbus A330-200 was nothing short of spectacular. From the seamless online upgrade process to the luxurious lounge amenities, delicious cuisine, and comfortable seating, every aspect of the business class journey was great. If you ever have the opportunity to upgrade to business class on Turkish Airlines, I totally recommend it.

If you have any questions about the above mentioned information, please let me know in the comment section below. I’m happy to help you. Safe travels!

Author: Daphne

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