City guide Valletta, Malta (including map)

City guide Valletta, Malta – Valletta is the capital of Malta and is definitely worth a visit when travelling to Malta. This travel guide will guide you through how to get there, what to see, and where to experience the fascinating Maltese history.

General information

Valletta is known for its beautiful skyline and the fascinating churches, museums, palaces, and forts. The city was built as a fortress to protect Christendom and is mainly surrounded by water.  In 1980, UNESCO named Valletta a World Heritage Site, because of its cultural density and recently it is announced that Valletta will be hosting the title of European Capital of Culture in 2018. So… Valletta is definitely a very interesting cultural place!


The airport is only 5 kilometers away from Valletta. From the airport, and surrounding cities, it is very easy to take a bus to Valletta. The bus infrastructure is well developed, but the traffic is sometimes horrible and can slow your trip down. When travelling from Sliema to Valletta, I recommend you to take the ferry. It is cheaper and faster than a bus and you will have a nice view of the Valletta skyline! Within Valletta, you don’t need any public transportation. All the sights are easily reachable by foot.

Valletta skyline - Cityguide Valletta, Malta by Girlswanderlust


Malta has two official languages: Maltese and English. Almost all the locals speak English, so communicating with them is very easy!


As mentioned before, Valletta is filled with many fascinating historical- and cultural sights. I selected around … sights and places that you should explore!

1. Visit the Grandmasters’s Palace Valletta
This palace dates back to the 16th century, and was once the residence of St. John, who ruled the island around his time. Nowadays, the Maltese president is living here. It is located on a nice public square. There are two guards in front of the building performing some acts (change of the guards etc.). When you walk around the building, you can enter the outside garden for free. It is a little garden, but very peaceful. I also just enjoyed sitting on the square and in the garden, watching other tourists. A part of the palace is open for the public. For a small fee, you can visit the inside.

Grandmasters’s Palace Valletta - Cityguide Valletta, Malta by Girlswanderlust.jpg
2. Be amazed by the Basilica of our Lady of Mount Carmel (church)
Even when you are not religious, this church is definitely a must visit! First, because the in- and outside architecture of the church is truly amazing, and second, because it is part of the famous Valletta skyline. It is a Roman Catholic church and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. Enjoy Valletta’s skyline
When you take a ferry from Sliema to Valletta, you can truly enjoy the skyline of Valletta. You can also decide to walk up the hill to the right of ferry. If you have limited time in Valletta, make sure to go around the evening, so you can see the sun setting down. It will be a mystical and wonderful view for sure!

4. Relax at the Upper Barrakka Garden and see canons being fired off
This place is very relaxing! The Upper Barrakka Garden was created in the late 16th century and is still very beautiful! From the garden, you can overlook the Grand Harbour and enjoy a very nice view. From here, you can also see the canons, which are fired of every day at noon and at 4 pm. In the garden, you can find costumed guides, who can explain you how the cannon is loaded and fired. I have been here a couple of times during my stay in Valletta. It is a very good place to relax.

Upper Barrakka Garden  - Cityguide Valletta, Malta by Girlswanderlust.jpg

5. Walk around the Lascaris war rooms
Explore the history of Malta in underground chambers and tunnels! The chambers and tunnels of Lascaris were used during the Second World War to defend Malta. You can learn everything about the how the chambers were used and were the war headquarters were located.

6. Go around the capital with a dgħajsa
Dgħajsa is a traditional water taxi from Malta and can be found in the Grand Harbour. It is fun to just take this little traditional boat and to ask the skipper to sail around the capital. You can take an elevator down from the Upper Barrakka Garden to the Grand Harbour (for free!!). Going up will costs you € 1,00.

Local dgħajsa  - Cityguide Valletta, Malta by Girlswanderlust.jpg

7. Go back in time at the Fort St. Elmo and the National war museum
If you are interested in the Maltese history, this fort is definitely worth a visit. You will pay one entrance ticket and have access to the museum and fort. The museum is located over different areas within the fort where you will get to know different interesting stories.

8. Visit Auberge de Castille
The Auberge de Castille is a beautiful building, dating back from the 16th century. It is located in front of the Upper Barrakka Garden and built in a Baroque style. It is known as ‘probably the finest building in Malta’ and now houses the office of the prime minister of Malta.

Auberge de Castille - Cityguide Valletta, Malta by Girlswanderlust.jpg
9. Visit St. John’s co-catherdral
This is another famous church in Valletta. The church is also from the 16th century and has a really nice interior.

10. Visit the Siege Bell War Memorial
This huge bell is a monument to commemorate those who fought during the Second World War. It is situated next to the Lower Barrakka Garden (which is also definitely worth a visit!), overlooking the Valletta harbor. It is a nice monument that gives you a special feeling when you stand close to the bell.

Siege Bell War Memorial  - Cityguide Valletta, Malta by Girlswanderlust.jpg

All the above mentioned places are highlighted on this map:

I hope this information can help you to plan your stay in Valletta. If you already visited Valletta and experienced any other good places to visit, please let me know about them in a comment! I would love to hear it.

Author: Daphne

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  • Vibeke Johannessen

    When I was younger I considered going to Valetta for some weeks to learn English. I still haven’t been to Malta. I would definitely take a Dgħajsa 😀 Valetta looks beautiful. I would love to visit soon 😀

  • Paige Wunder

    I keep hearing more and more great things about Malta! I’m curious, what kind of budget would you suggest for a trip to Malta? I’m going to be in Eastern Europe next year and I’m hoping to make a pitstop in Malta if I can! I know I want to ride in one of those traditional water taxis! It looks very Venice-esque.

    • Girlswanderlust

      Hi Paige! While visiting Malta I stayed at a hostel, cooked almost every evening myself, and for lunch I always went out to try traditional dishes. (More info soon about this..) I did spent around € 280,00 in 7 days. If you include some nice day trips, and transportation around the island, you need around €350 for 7 days I would say.. Keep in mind this is still low-budget travelling and expenses might become more according to your needs and expectations.

  • rovingjo

    A great city guide. I have been looking to visit Malta and this was very helpful. I especially like the map as it tells me where everything is and I can better plan the order in which to visit things and not waste time. Th architecture is wonderful and I cant wait to see it all in person.

  • Jojo

    What other languages does the locals speak? You can go around in a water taxi!? That’s cool! Valletta definitely sounds like a place with a lot of history. Great for those who want to emerse in the culture.

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