Hotel review: The Valley Guesthouse, Kathmandu, Nepal

During my backpack trip through Nepal, I spent several days in Kathmandu. A good friend of mine recommended me to stay in “The Valley Guesthouse”, a nice guesthouse closely located to the Boudha Stupa. I really enjoyed this place, and booked another two times at this guesthouse later during my stay. This post will tell you why I enjoyed it so much to stay at “The Valley Guesthouse”.

General description

“The Valley Guesthouse” is a nice and cozy guesthouse situated in Tinchuli, Boudha, Kathmandu. A Nepali & Dutch couple manages it and welcomes guests from all over the world. The guest house is built in 2015, so it is still very new and nice.


“The Valley Guesthouse” is located in Tinchuli in Boudha, between Hyolmo Monastery and the International Buddhist Academy. The guesthouse is not really located in a touristic area, which I liked a lot. It is just 15 minutes walking to the closest touristic area, the beautiful Boudha Stupa. Here you can find plenty of restaurants, cafés, shops, and public transportation possibilities. Around the guesthouse you can also find several small shops where you can buy fresh fruits, bread, candy, etc.

Panorama Kathmandu
View from ‘The Valley Guesthouse’


The guesthouse has some really good facilities. First, the guesthouse has solar power, so it provides hot water and electricity during the power cuts. This is great! As you might know, Nepal has been crippled by continuous power cuts for almost a decade. Power cuts can last up to 8 hours a day and during rainy season up to 6 hours. Luckily, there is a local schedule available that informs you about the power cuts. Anyway, because “The Valley Guesthouse” has solar power, there is almost always hot water and electricity available, which is very nice. Secondly, the guesthouse has free Wi-Fi. as a travel blogger, this is very convenient. Furthermore, there is a really nice rooftop where you can enjoy wonderful sunrises and sunsets, or just chill for a while. For the book lovers, the guesthouse also provides a book corner, where you can find (and exchange) very nice books. Finally, the hotel offers a laundry service. Several times I made use of this service, as it is cheap and good.

“The Valley Guesthouse” 4.jpg


The Rooms are big and decorated with some Nepali details. During my stay, I have stayed in different room types. Some with balcony, some without, some with single beds, some with a double bed. There are many room types available at the guesthouse; triple-, double- and single-rooms with attached bathroom, with or without balcony. Most of the rooms had a nice view.

“The Valley Guesthouse” 2

“The Valley Guesthouse”.jpg


The guesthouse has a small restaurant available. They serve breakfast, warm and cold drinks, snacks, and small meals. You can also join the family and staff for dinner around 19:00 pm. This dinner was usually something local which tasted very good. Every day the menu was written down and you could sign yourself in for this. The breakfast was served in form of a buffet. For the price, it is a very good breakfast. Different things as, yogurt, bread, chapatti, pancakes, eggs, fruits, coffee, tea, milk, and juice or offered. You could also ask for fresh baked eggs or omelets.


The price is very reasonable. I don’t remember exactly what I paid per night, because it is already some time ago. I do remember that I got a special discount, because I returned to the guesthouse several times. This was very nice and hospitable.

Some memories

On the first photo below you see me with the staff of “The Valley Guesthouse” during the Holi festival, on the second photo, me again with some staff members before they dropped me off at the airport, and the last photo was taken during breakfast at the guesthouse.

“The Valley Guesthouse” 5


The overview is a summary of the points written above. I’ll give a point from one star until five stars where one star is very bad and five stars is very good.

Location: ****
Room size: *****
Room attributes: ***
Bathroom: *****
Breakfast: *****
Dinner: ****
Facilities: *****
Price – quality: *****

Good to know

– The guesthouse also provides airport pick-ups. For just a small amount of money they will pick you up from the airport or drop you off. I made use of the drop off service. It was a very comfortable and pleasant ride to the airport.
– When you check-in, some fresh fruits will welcome you on your room. When I returned for the second and third time, a special personal welcomes note was written and some extra fruit was provided. This was very hospitable and gave me a very welcome feeling.
– The guesthouse is visited by people from all over the world, for sure you will meet somebody with who you can spend the day.
– The streets around the Guesthouse are pretty dark and quiet during the evening and night. Therefore, I recommend you to either come back before it gets dark, or not to walk alone during the night. Probably nothing will happen, but I am always a bit careful at dark places during the evening or night.

“The Valley Guesthouse” 3.jpg

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at “The Valley Guesthouse”. I can really recommend you to book an overnight at this wonderful guesthouse. If you want to know more details about my stay, please leave a comment.

NOTE: This post is not sponsored and contains my personal and honest experience!

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