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Five iconic views in the Maldives to seek out

The archipelago of The Maldives is a perfect destination for those looking to enjoy beach holidays, relaxing and basking in sunshine on sandy beaches, surrounded by crystal clear azure waters. Although these dreamy shores are all spectacular, there are other great places to explore in The Maldives. I have compiled a list of the best places to seek out iconic views in the Maldives. Enjoy!

Spot phytoplanktons in The Maldives

Have you heard of bioluminescent beaches? The Mudhdhoo Island, also known as Vaadhoo Island, is a great place to see phytoplanktons bathe the ocean. The entire beach awakens to a new life and the shimmery sheet of water is definitely a sight to behold. Phytoplanktons/planktons glow when they are hit by external forces like oxygen, body parts or waves of air. The view will give you an impression that stars are coming down to grace the ocean. You can go for a swim in the water or just walk along the beach. When you leave your glowing footprint behind, it will be washed away by the sea water later.

To reach Vaadhoo Island Beach, follow these steps:

  1. Book a Flight to Malé, Maldives: The Maldives has only one international airport, Velana International Airport (MLE) in the capital city, Malé. You’ll need to book a flight to Malé from your location.
  2. Arrive in Malé: Upon arrival at Velana International Airport, you’ll need to take a domestic flight or speed boat to Dhaalu Atoll (Vaadhoo is part of Dhaalu Atoll). Most speedboats take about 15 minutes to reach Vaadhoo Island and cost approximately MVR 200.

Remember to check the latest travel advisories, transportation schedules, and accommodation options. It’s advisable to plan and book your accommodations in advance, as Vaadhoo Island is a popular destination for tourists seeking the unique experience of the bioluminescent beach.

Tip: keep in mind that it’s a biological reaction and the views of the phytoplanktons vary from time to time. December to July are the best months to spot phytoplanktons at Vaadhoo Island Beach.

Below you can see a video of this spectacle. I am sure it’s one of the best views in The Maldives!

Star gaze on Sun Island

Sun Island is an amazing place for watching the sunset and to go stargazing. Aptly named, this island stretches for almost two kilometers and houses exquisite restaurants, spas and even a water sports centre. On the shore, the beaches are exactly what you imagine of the Maldives.

Relax at a private beach bungalow as you see the sun slowly sinking into the horizon. After the sunset, you can experience the majestic night sky filled with brightly shining stars, a sight that only a place this remote can offer.

Dive under at Banana Reef

As an area dominated by glistening ocean, it makes sense that some of the most beautiful views in The Maldives are to be found beneath the waves. Banana Reef, so named due to its similar shape, is the perfect place to try your hand at snorkeling or scuba diving.

With depths ranging from 5 – 30 metres, the vibrant coral reefs attract divers of all ages and experience levels. Shoals of colourful fish such as Asian sweetlips, yellow snappers and pilot fish introduce you to the enchanting world under the sea and make for some breathtaking sights. Divers also frequently spot sharks, barracuda and rays lurking in the canyons and caves around this stunning hotspot.

Tip: another great diving location in The Maldives is the HP Reef or Manta Point.

Dine under the water with sharks and fishes

The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant, located five meters below the surface. It offers one of the best views in The Maldives! This incredible restaurant is situated in Conrad Maldives at the Rangali Island in Alif Dhaal Atoll.

The dinner here is a bit expensive (like the stay at the hotel…), but it’s definitely worth every penny that you shell out. I’m sure it will be a lovely and unforgettable experience to dine with 180-degree views of the rich marine life, including sharks and fishes. The restaurant is open daily from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM and from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM.

Photo: Instagram @conrad_maldives

Take to the skies over the atolls

If one resort or beach simply isn’t enough, there is a way to see a bird’s-eye view of The Maldives. What do you think about booking an air safari via a local travel agency or online organization? This is the best way to soak in the views of the Maldives and to see the incredible natural beauty of the islands.

aerial photography of sand bars
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on

Spoilt for choice

Whichever of the many islands you choose to explore, I’m sure you will find breathtaking views in The Maldives. Be sure to explore the surrounding waters and spend plenty of time relaxing on the beach to truly enjoy the slow, chilled out vibes of this picturesque destination.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Author: Daphne

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