Visiting Tannforsen waterfall in Sweden, great adventure!

Tannforsen is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sweden. The Tannforsen waterfall is always open and free to visit. I visited the waterfall during the off season so there was no one there and it was extremely peaceful. In this article I will share some background information and tips for visiting Tannforsen waterfall in Sweden.

About Sweden’s largest waterfall: Tannforsen

Tannforsen is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sweden and is located near Duved (Åre) in the region Jämtland, Sweden (12 kilometres west of Åre). With a width of 60 meters across and a height of 38 metres, Tannforsen is by far Sweden’s largest waterfall (by volume). The water volume in the waterfall varies over the year. In a normal year the peak is reached in May-June (the time I also visited Tannforsen). Then a huge amount of water has to find its way down to Lake Noren creating an enormous explosion of water that is a spectacle for many senses at all times of the year. Tannforsen is an impressive waterfall that constantly changes with each season.

The melting snow in spring creates the most impressive falls and results in an earth shuddering waterfall. When the sun is high, lighting up Tännforsen, it creates a rainbow through the water vapour that forms in the waterfall (see image above). Good chance you will see a rainbow when you are visiting Tannforsen waterfall.

In the fall, Tannforsen waterfall is surrounded by clear autumn colours that, together with a blue sky and the foamy white water, offer the full range of colours.

In wintertime, the waterfall freezes in its entirety and a beautiful ice wall is formed. This is really beautiful to see. The waterfall’s strength creates fantastic icicles and ice formations during the winter season. The ice even allows for an exciting walk into the waterfall.

How to get to Tannforsen waterfall in Sweden

The Tännforsen waterfall is located 20 minutes by car outside Åre near road E14 from Östersund to Trondheim (Norway). West of Duved you have to take the exit to Tännforsen (road 322). You can’t miss the big signs for Tännforsen (8 kilometre). A road leads almost directly to the waterfall, but you have to take one turn right that leads to a big parking lot at a cafe and tourist shop. Closest distance to the waterfall from the parking is 200 meters. You have to pay for the parking.  A service fee of 30 SEK per hour/ car is charged.

Tickle your stomach at the Tannforsen waterfall

The hike from the tourist station to the Tannforsen waterfall is approximately a kilometre in distance and takes around 30 minutes (including time for stops). From the parking lot several paths lead to the waterfall. You can choose to walk down the right path towards the fall to experience approaching the waterfall downstream and face the thundering wall from the front. If you choose to walk the trail to the left, you will reach the river above the waterfall and follow along in the direction of the water and first see how it falls over the edge. I’m sure this will tickle your stomach.

Along the paths you can find benches to sit on. You will also cross two overlooks. At the first one you can look right across the uppermost and main drop of the Tännforsen Waterfall and at the other one you can look right at the brink of the waterfall. The space is limited at the overlooks, but they are great spots for taking pictures. Down the trail, you can also find a lower lookout point where you probably will have the most satisfying view of the waterfall. From here you can also usually witness a rainbow arcing across the base of the waterfall while seeing the entire main drop in full context. Beautiful!

No matter which direction you go, just follow the marked trail and you will have extraordinary views! Further adding to the scenic allure of this waterfall is that it’s unregulated and wild as it was meant to be. I didn’t see any power lines, dam walls, nor giant buildings in the immediate area. Overall, you will probably spend around an hour away from the car.

Tip: chase the waterfall in the early morning or late afternoon. You don’t only avoid crowds, but the earlier you go, the easier the hike will be. Find more tips for chasing waterfalls in this article.

Tannforsen tourist station

At the parking lot you will find a tourist station. Here you can enjoy prepared dishes, home-made pastries, ice cream, soft drinks, coffee and tea, waffles, and delicious hot dogs. There is also a souvenir shop, with a wide selection of Sami handicraft, including bracelets, knives and reindeer skins. Have a look at the Tannforsen Facebook Page for most recent information regarding the opening hours and special offers.

Tannforsen contact details

  • Address: Tännforsen Waterfall, Åreälven, Åre
  • Website: www.tannforsen.se
  • Phone: +46 647 230 23
  • Email: in**@ta********.com

Other beautiful waterfalls of Jamtland

There are many other beautiful waterfalls in Jämtland. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Ristafallet, Åre
  • Tegeforsen, Åre
  • Rengsfallet, not far from Valsjöbyn in the community Krokom
  • Fettjeåfallet, Vemdalen
  • Mittåfallet, Vemdalen
  • Rändåfallet, Vemdalen
  • Gaustafallet, in Frostviksfjällen along the Wilderness Road
  • Hällingsåfallet, in Frostviksfjällen along the Wilderness Road
  • Brakkåfallet, in Frostviksfjällen along the Wilderness Road
  • Hoedestupet, Lofsdalen

I hope this post inspired you to visit the Tannforsen waterfall in Sweden. You are most welcome to Sweden’s largest waterfall! If you have any questions or remarks about visiting Tannforsen waterfall, just let me know in the comment section below.

Author: Daphne

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