The best ways to deal with a jet lag

There’s nothing worse than suffering serious jet lag when you’ve reached the vacation destination of your dreams; it really can put a negative spin on the start of your trip. Waking up feeling groggy and unbalanced just isn’t what you envisioned when you booked your luxury retreat, and you begin to wonder how long your body is going to take to adapt to the new time zone you’re in.

Your circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock, and it doesn’t usually like to be disturbed. That’s why we always function better at home when we stick to a routine and go to bed at a regular hour.

There are ways, however, to reduce the effects of jet lag when you travel and hopefully make you feel energized in no time for your vacation adventures. Just try using the tactics below the next time you go away.

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While exercise cannot alter your circadian rhythm completely while you’re away, being active at an unusual time may help your body feel more awake. Opt for exercising in the morning of the time zone you’ve just traveled to; increasing your heart rate and breathing, which will hopefully give the kick start you need to your day. No matter how often you travel, you’ll always feel some effects of jet lag when traveling across multiple time zones, so do your research beforehand and find a gym that will be open in the morning when you arrive. Traveling from the UK to America, for example, will definitely throw your body clock off course, so it’s important to get some exercise in if you want to make the most of your trip. Search for facilities such as gyms in Denver before you travel and ask whether a one-time visit would be allowed.

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Pack an Eye Mask

No matter how hard you try there will always be times when you’re eyes get too heavy, and you need to go to bed a little early or have a much-needed lie-in, but this can be difficult if your accommodation does not have blackout blinds. Be prepared for this in advance and pack an eye mask and even some plugs to help you sleep; it could help you get those extra few hours you really need. Pack these items in your hand luggage and also use them on the plane if it’s the right time to fall asleep at your destination. Opt for an eye mask that is filled with lavender seeds to promote relaxation and peaceful sleep, blocking out the light and soothing tired eyes.

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Stay Hydrated

Flying over multiple time zones will definitely dehydrate the body, so it’s important to ensure you stay hydrated during your flight, and when you land. Drinking as much water as you can will hopefully make you feel a little less jet-lagged and more energized for the day ahead. Purchase a reusable water bottle and ask the flight attendant to fill it up when you’re on board. You can also carry it around in your rucksack when you’re exploring a new city during your trip and not feel the need to purchase any single-use plastic bottles while you’re away.

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