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What happens to leftover hotel soaps & shampoos?

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Here is another extremely enthralling blog which talks about the hotel supplies. This is an interesting subject for many of us. In this write-up, I would put up both the perspectives from the viewpoint of a supplier of hotel soaps and shampoos as well as a guest. The mix of the right thoughts, ideas, needs as well as wants enables the hotels to offer the right hotel supplies like hotel soaps and shampoos to the guests which they appreciate during their stay in the hotel.

Where Does Discarded Soaps And Shampoos Go?

There are millions of soap bars and half-used shampoo bottles which are discarded in the millions of hotel shower trays across the world. These are being abandoned by the hotel guests who did not stay long enough in the hotel to use the provided hotel toiletries completely.

Several soaps and shampoos are being scooped by the chambermaids or being thrown away in the dustbins and sent off to the landfill sites. This is certainly a disaster for the environment as well as a social travesty, as there are several poor people around the world who are suffering due to poor and improper sanitation.

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Initiative Of Recycling Leftover Soaps And Shampoos

The figures are indeed startling as per the research studies by the World Health Organization, millions of lives could be saved in case the planet’s poorest people are given the access to soaps and shampoos which are humble products and many of us take for granted. Imagine the goodness we can bring into the planet if all these leftover hotel toiletries are made available to the poor for their usage. These leftover hotel soaps and shampoos can be easily recycled and made available to the poor to help them lead a hygienic life. There are several NGOs which conduct these activities of collecting the leftover toiletries from the hotels and make them available to the poor. But these works are happening on a small scale and not bringing in any major difference to society. We require a solid initiative where this can take place on a larger scale with a proper vision and with the right initiative.

Distributing Recycled Soaps And Shampoos

There are certain noblemen across the world doing a great job of recycling the leftover hotel soaps and shampoos and helping the poor. Firstly, the bars of soaps are peeled to clean the surface of the used soaps. Then they use the meat grinders to grind down the soap and then use cookers to cook it into a paste and then prepare soap moulds in which they poured the grinded soap to prepare the recycled soaps. This was indeed a laborious process when it started initially but in due course of time, this became a fully automated process with the addition of the antibacterial agents that would kill the germs in the used soaps. These noble ventures are now distributing these recycled soaps to millions of impoverished people across several countries. This venture has gained huge momentum and they are opening more recycling centres across various countries to bring up the scale of production.

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Hotels Are Being Responsible

There are several hotels which have voluntarily taken part in this noble program by contributing their leftover hotel soaps and shampoos and other toiletries for supporting this good cause. There are several other hotels which have installed soap and shampoo dispensers in their rooms to minimize the wastage of the hotel toiletries. The hotel authorities fill up these dispensers from time to time in order to serve the guests and this also minimizes the wastage.


The recycling of the leftover hotel soaps and shampoos and distributing them to the impoverished people to enable them to lead a hygienic life is a great initiative. It is highly supported by several hotels throughout the world.

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    Wow! This is something I did not know of at all. What an amazing idea! So much could be accomplished if more hotels start doing this. Lets hope for the future!

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