Why you should visit Europa-Park in Germany

Europa-park is a large theme park, located in the South-West part of Germany. Although the park features many and cool attractions, it isn’t a theme park which is very well-known. Even in my home country and Germany’s neighbour country the Netherlands people don’t know of it. However, they should! Europa-park is definitely for me, personally, one of the coolest theme parks I’ve been to in my life (besides of course Disneyland). Why that? I will tell you more about it in this article.

Every country has its own area

The most coolest part of the park, in my opinion, is the fact that the park is split up in area’s which go by the name of countries. Several European countries are used as name for places in the park. You have the following countries: Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, England, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Iceland, the Netherlands and Norway. And even better.. All areas are decorated with architecture which fit the country perfectly and makes it look like you actually are in that country! For example Greece has some beautiful white buildings and the Netherlands features a windmill. In England you can find the red busses and Italy has the well-known pizzeria’s. It’s like you’re travelling the world. And of course, between all the typical buildings, you can find all the attractions.

Europa-park is for all ages

There are so many attractions! Actually, we didn’t have enough time to enjoy every attraction (and we were in the park from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m.). However, we picked a day with great weather and in the weekend, that’s why the park also was very crowded and the waiting lines were quite long.

Next to several rollercoasters (which I’m going to talk about later), there are also attractions for the little ones. They can, for example go into the mini scooters (miniature bumper cars) or into the Mul-Muls Carousel (spinning and whirling fun). You can also spend some time on the water in a boat or some time on the rails in a train. If you are a water lover, you can try out the Atlantica Supersplash, the Water Rollercoaster Poseidon or the Fjord-Rafting.

Shortly, there are so many attractions which you can chose from! The easiest way to get to know them all, is to go to the official website of the theme park and take a look at the attractions (click here)


And definitely also for thrill seekers…

If you are a roller coaster fan (just like me), there is also enough to choose from. Personally, I found the ‘Blue Fire’ the coolest and most fun roller coaster the park features. It has so many movements. You can watch a video from YouTube on the official website of the theme park. In the evening, this roller coaster will light up with a blue light. Also the ‘Silver Star’ is a nice roller coaster, which is probably for most people the scariest at the beginning. In the beginning, you will go all the way up slowly and then you will go very fast and steep downwards. A very special, other roller coaster, is the ‘Euro-Mir’, which gets you slowly upwards in one of the mirrored buildings and at the highest point you’ll go outside and enjoy the ride! Next to these three roller coasters, I also found the Water Roller coaster Poseidon a nice roller coaster. However, watch out with this one; because you’ll definitely have water all over you!

And there are more roller coasters, but again, they can all be found on the official website of the theme park.

Nice seasonal themes added

Last weekend (October 2017) I visited the park myself. Thanks to the fact that it’s autumn and Halloween is coming, the employees of the park decorated the WHOLE park with pumpkins! There were pumpkins everywhere; and more Halloween decorations. This was definitely something which I loved about it! It gave such a nice and cosy atmosphere. Even the big, round Eurosat, which you’ll notice as soon as you enter the park, had a big pumpkin head decoration, which definitely made the Halloween atmosphere increase.

There is food in all kinds

It doesn’t matter in what country you are walking, each one has its own food trucks which sell typical food from that country (like pizza in Italy). That’s also a positive aspect of the park, because I do know theme parks where you can only eat fries or burgers. It’s so nice at Europa-Park that you can just chose what you would like to eat instead of eating something because there’s nothing else. Of course here you can also find the normal food trucks which do have fries and burgers.

And also some entertainment and shows

Besides all the beautiful decorations, architecture and cool attractions, Europa-Park also offers shows and events for all ages. Look for the actual schedule on the official website by clicking here.

Europa-park has a nice location

Europa-Park is located in a really nice area where you can enjoy yourself a couple of days. Do you want to see more than just Europa-Park? Try Strasbourg in France, just across the border. This French city is definitely worth a visit and easily to combine it with Europa-Park. I’m absolutely in love with this city. I’ve did my internship in a place close to Strasbourg, so in that time I went several times to the city. Want to know more about Strasbourg? Take a look at this city guide which I wrote about it.

Furthermore, I can absolutely understand when you find it too expensive to stay at one of the accommodations of Europa-Park. The park does offer hotels and a camping, but there are also several apartments you can find which aren’t that far from Europa-Park and which are cheaper. I rented myself an apartment in an adjacent town named Kappel-Grafenhausen. The town isn’t that big, but we had a restaurant where we could eat something around the corner and the bakery and supermarket where also in walking distance. Perfect for us! We only had to drive for 10 minutes to get to Europa-Park.


Practical information on visiting Europa-park

Europa-Park is opened throughout the whole year. The park knows both a summer- and winter season. The summer season runs from the 21st of May until the 7th of November. In that time, the park is open from 9 a.m. until at least 6 p.m. Sometimes it occurs that the park is open for some more hours; this will mostly apply during peak season. However, when I was in the park (on a Saturday and a really beautiful autumn day) it stayed open until 9 p.m.! So the longer opening hours will occur more often.

The winter season runs from the 27th of November until the 9th of January. In that time, the park is open from 11 a.m. until at least 7 p.m., but also in this season it occurs that the park is open for a longer time. Besides, the park is closed on the 24th and the 25th of December.

Below you can find an overview of the prices per person, which are valid for both Summer and Winter season:

 1-day ticket2-day ticket
Infants (under 4)FreeFree
Children (4-11)€ 47.00 – € 52.00€ 86.00
Adults (12+)€ 55.00 – € 60.00€ 104.00
Senior visitors (aged 60+) or visitors with disabilities€ 47.00 – € 52.00€ 86.00

The most easiest way to reach Europa-Park, is by car. There is enough parking space and you’re only paying € 7,- for a parking ticket for the whole day. When you decide to go by train, the closest train station is Ringsheim. From there, you can use the bus transfer to the official bus stop at Europa-Park. Also, if you have to take a flight to Germany, there are several airports where you can get to. From there, you can easily make a reservation for the shuttle service at the official website.

Have you ever been or ever heard of Europa-Park?

Author: Tamara

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