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Last week, I discovered 16 sights of Amsterdam by means of a self-guided city walks application. With the full version of the Amsterdam city Maps and Walks of GPSmyCity (click) I was able to walk among some of the major tourism attractions of Amsterdam. Do you like to win a FREE full version of the Amsterdam city walk application (app)? Please have a look at the end of this blog post.

GPSmyCity offers an application (app) that provides a detailed city map to see all the major attractions as well as some of the less known ones in the city. Below you can see the screenshots of the application.

Walking tours included in Amsterdam Maps and Walks are:

  • Old Side Walk (13 sights)
  • Jewish Quarter (7 sights)
  • Western Canal Belt (13 sights)
  • Plantage walk (9 sights)
  • Churches Tour (8 sights)
  • Old Center Museum Walk (5 sights)
  • Old Center Gay Nightlife (6 sights)
  • Southern Canal Belt Walk (14 sights)
  • New Side (Dam Square) Walk (16 sights)
  • Museum Quarter Walk (10 sights)
  • Souvenir Shopping P1 (10 sights)
  • Souvenir Shopping P2 (9 sights)
  • Old Center Antiques (10 sights)
  • Jordaan Walk (12 sights)
  • Western Canal Belt Antiques (9 sights)
  • Southern Canal Belt Antique (20 sights)
  • Canal Belt Nightlife (7 sights)
  • Old Center Nightlife (5 sights)

Since I travelled by train to Amsterdam, I decided to walk the New Side (Dam Square) Walk. This route starts around the central station of Amsterdam and shows 16 important sights of Amsterdam.

  • Ronde Lutherse Kerk
  • Centraal station
  • Sex museum
  • Beurs van Berlage
  • Dam Square Area
  • Dutch National Monument
  • Madame Tussaud’s Scenerama
  • Royal Palace
  • Nieuwekerk (New Church)
  • Magna Plaza
  • Torensluis
  • Amsterdam Museum
  • Kalverstraat
  • Begijnhof Chapel
  • English Reformed Church
  • Oude Lutherse Kerk

When you open the application and choose a walk, you can read a short description about the walk, the distance and the duration of the walk. When you click on “Tour map”, your tour will begin and you will see a map with the sights on it. Every sight has a number and you should start by number one on the map. When you arrive at number one, you can click on it and an extensive description about the sight will appear on your screen. Next to this, you will have the possibility to change the text size, translate the English description to German, French or Spanish and to stamp the site where you are, so you can earn points which can be redeemed against full version travel apps.

Personally, I am very satisfied about this application. The walking route map and turn-by-turn walking directions provided in each walk are very clear. The application is designed to work offline (without internet connection). This is amazing, because not at every public location is free internet available. I am satisfied about the extensive descriptions of the sights and the fact that there is a distinction in must see sights (coloured red) and sights (coloured green) on the map. When you do not have much time, you can choose to only visit the must sees. I experienced that I walked the tour in one hour instead of two hours that is mentioned in the duration time of the tour. I walked alone and maybe I am a quick walker and needed therefore, less time to walk the tour.

All in all, I am very satisfied about this application (app) of GPSmyCity (click). This app is a must have for all travellers! Now you do not need to pay a lot of money anymore for a city guide or organised tour, but you can easily walk among all the important sights on your own pace and stop wherever you like.

Do you like to win a FREE full version of the Amsterdam city walk application (app)?

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