Win: travel journal (places to remember) – CLOSED

We are happy to pronounce another win contest! Within this contest, you can win a nice travel journal, which you can use for every trip.

The travel journal has a nice cover with the words ‘places to remember’ and shows a scooter with a few suitcases and a globe on top of it. On the back of the journal you can find a bike with the words ‘bon voyage’. There is also an elastic which goes around the travel journal and which keep all the pages together and the journal closed. You can also put the elastic at the page where you left off writing.

In all the photos you can see a sneak peek of the travel journal. Like you can see, the journal is very diverse and has some creative pages. It includes a packing list, which is very useful for the preparation of your trip. Furthermore, it has a nice map with the title ‘places I’ve travelled’, what means you can color the countries you have been to. Next to this, there is a page with a schedule where you can plan your trip day by day.

There even is a page where you can plan your itinerary and there are many open pages where you can write or draw anything you like. Then there are lots of pages where you can write about your experiences during your trip. There is even a separate place where you can write down the date.

Another amazing part of this travel journey is the expense log. In this part you can write down all the costs of your trip and keep a good financial overview. The last pages include a possibility of writing down information of people you have met during your trip. In that case, you have all the data with you in one journal.

What should you do in order to participate in this contest?
In order to participate in this contest, we would like to hear from you which trip you are planning to use this travel journal for. We are really curious about your next trip! You can tell us in the reaction section under this article, but also in a comment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

And last, in order to participate, you have to like our Facebook page. You can find our page by clicking here.

And then?
The winner will be announced the 12th of August on our website and social media. We will also contact the winner personally, so the travel journal can be sent to the winner.

Happy traveling!

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