The best winter travel guide to Denmark

Denmark is a great place to visit during winter. Although these months are cold, Denmark is a perfect winter destination. This seasonal travel guide to Denmark includes information on things to do and places to visit as well as tips about traveling over Christmas.

Visit the Winter Wonderland of Copenhagen: Tivoli Amusement Park

Tivoli is Denmark’s greatest tourist attraction and is open over Christmas. This amusement park was built in 1834 and has over 27 rides. During winter, Tivoli is home to one of Europe’s most enchanted winter wonderlands and is definitely worth a visit! Next to Tivoli, there are plenty of other ways to entertain yourself in Denmark.

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Visit Copenhagen’s Best Christmas Markets

From November onwards, you will find plenty of Christmas markets in Denmark where you can warm yourself with a cup of mulled wine (gløgg) and take your time searching for that perfect Danish Christmas gift. Most of the Christmas markets are in Copenhagen, but other cities are also known for their markets. In Tivoli, you can find the most famous market in Copenhagen. Other Christmas markets can be found near Strøget and Nyhavn. Don’t forget to visit the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas market and the market in freetown Christiania.

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Travel to the 2017 European Capital of Culture: Aarhus

Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, is also worth a visit. During winter, the city is filled with plenty of events, cozy cafes, coffee houses, local restaurants, and Christmas markets. Aarhus is home to some impressive art museums, and during the winter and Christmas season, it is filled with a unique yuletide spirit.

Visit Skagen and Witness the Brave Vikings Submerge Into Freezing Waters

Skagen is the northernmost town in Denmark. In December, travelers can experience local traditions, such as schoolchildren opening the Advent calendar windows on the town square. In January, travelers can experience the town’s celebration of the winter-bathing festival and witness the brave Vikings enter the cold waters.

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Go Ice Skating

Winter is the perfect time for ice skating! Throughout Denmark you will find plenty of rinks where you can have little fun on the ice. Admission is usually free, and skates are available to rent for around 50 DKK.

Take a Dip Outside

Winter dipping is common in Scandinavia and in Denmark! Find a nice sauna and bathing place, and experience the typical Scandinavian habitat!

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Try a Danish Winter Dish

In winter, you can find many good Danish dishes. Try some “smørrebrød,” which is an open sandwich with a dark Rye base. Go for “risengrød,” which is a cinnamon rice porridge with lots of butter, or try “æbleskiver,” which are round pancakes served with powdered sugar or jam.

Drink Typical Danish Winter Drinks

Drinks! Who doesn’t love them? In winter, you can try some delicious typical Danish drinks like warm gløgg, snaps, or a special Christmas beer called “julebryg.”

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If you’re visiting Denmark during winter, pack clothing that you can layer. The weather can change rapidly. Also bring something waterproof plus some windproof clothes.

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Winter travel guide to Denmark written by @girlswanderlust #denmark #winter #winterguide #copenhage #europe #scandinavia #travel #wanderlust #winteriscoming #pinterst.png


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