Hello and welcome to Girlswanderlust!

Everyone dreams about travelling the world. That’s why there is Girlswanderlust, a blog about travelling – founded by two Dutch girls; Daphne & Tamara. They use their combined experience and addiction to travelling and photographing, to write articles about special destinations, unique experiences, hotel reviews, travel essentials, food hot spots and more. Not only to inspire other people to travel, but especially to share experiences and knowledge about amazing things and places.

Since its creation in late 2015, Girlswanderlust has grown to reach over 11,000 followers a month across 160+ countries. Throughout this 2 year journey, we have collaborated with different hotels and brands.

Daphne, is a 20-something tourism master student, dog-lover, travel blogger, adventurer, and backpacker, currently living in the Netherlands. She blogs about backpacking, volunteer travel, travel gadgets, and life abroad. Read more about Daphne!

Tamara recently graduated from her studies Tourism Management and is now working as a travel consultant at a travel agency. She loves to travel, photograph and to write about her adventures. She blogs about roundtrips, citytrips, travel tips and more! Read more about Tamara!

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