Looking to get in touch? Great! I love reader mail!

As this website has grown, e-mail has gotten so out of control (over 100 per day!!) that I first must ask you to read the following guidelines before sending me a message. I am sorry to restrict email and help I can offer, but the more time I am sitting in front of my computer, the less time I’ve to travel and write content.

  • If you are looking for general destination information, please use my destination guides as presented in the top navigation bar or use the search bar above. Basic information on what to see, do, and how much things cost in a place can be found throughout the site. Emails that ask “what should I do in […]?” will simply go unresponded.
  • I am not a travel agency and can’t help you book your trip. Emails asking me to book your trip will be deleted.
  • I love itineraries but planning them is a very personal process. My advice is always to simply avoid doubling back and move in one direction! For what places to go and thing to see, only you can answer that. Itinerary feedback will also go unresponded.
  • If you work in PR, don’t send me press releases or put Girlswandelust on your mailing list.
  • Please keep all emails to two paragraphs or less.

If you’re inquiring about something else that’s very specific (i.e. “What’s a good hotel in Paris?” or “Do you recommend this product?”) or when you’ve found an error on the site, feel free to contact me via the contact form below or to email me at

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