6 Best apps for creating awesome travel vlogs

If you want to become another rising star in travel vlogging, you need to remember that the plot and script are not the only things that need to be perfectly thought out. Starting a travel vlog is easy, but creating unique content that will be popular is quite challenging. 

It largely depends on how you bring your video material to perfection. If you post raw and unprocessed videos, then your clip will pale in comparison to the rest of the vibrant and diverse content in terms of editing. An experienced vlogger knows that in addition to a great camera and a travel bag, you need to arm yourself with the best apps for video editing. This is not only a classic video editor where you can crop motion pictures, and apply stunning effects or background music but also other useful features like a video stabilizer if you forget your tripod and much more. 

Now users have a huge variety of available services, applications, and software. Those who are more comfortable polishing their motion pictures on a computer can install desktop programs, while those who like to do everything on the go can take advantage of a large number of high-end mobile applications. 

So, if you are going to grow your vlog, then we will talk about how to prepare for the trip and what to use to bring your clips to perfection using desktop programs and mobile applications.

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Mobile applications 


Some people are traveling for extreme sensations. Those are people who are not going to enjoy just a calm trip. It’s all about new experiences offering an adrenalin rush. If you are one of them, then you do not just film on your DVR or smartphone camera, you take GoPro for sure. Editing such video material is easy if you use the GoPro videos editor. 

This app offers over 20 pre-made templates for beginners. In addition, you can customize the graphics and make exciting transitions from one clip to another. Editing your videos with this app is easy as you only need to do a couple of simple steps. Upload a video from the gallery, use simple and clear tools, and then you can upload your clip to social networks. 

Available for Android and iOS owners.

Magisto Video Editor 

Last year, this application was chosen as the best video editing application. This is well deserved because using it you will be able to create and edit travel videos easily and naturally. The biggest benefit is for beginners who may be new to the editing process. It uses artificial intelligence to help automate some of your work. 

All you have to do is add the images and videos you want to use in your clip. The next step is to choose a smart editing style. After that, you just have to choose a song or music to set the mood and in a few minutes, your video will be ready. 

Available for Android and iOS owners. 


In addition to other mobile travel apps to help with your easy travel, don’t forget to install Splice, which stands out from all the others in that you can create a video sequence that will be synchronized to the beat of your chosen music. A wide variety of editing tools, the ability to select multiple transitions and adjust their speed, as well as the ability to slow down the video, allow you to quickly achieve the desired result. 

Another distinctive feature is that the finished clip will be saved in high resolution and you can quickly share it with your friends and followers on social networks. 

Available for iOS owners.

Desktop software 

Movavi Video Converter 

Besides the process of perfecting a clip, one of the most problematic issues for many vloggers is the conversion of video files. Most often, video materials are in the MOV format, and to publish them on various social and video platforms, you need to use the MP4 format. That is why one of the best tools that you need to use is MOV to MP4 converter, which allows you to convert even large clips in just a few minutes. 

This software offers not only a conversion function but also basic editing, resizing, and adding captions, which is essential if you want to create travel video guides. 

Available on Windows and macOS. 

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The biggest disappointment of a vlogger can be that you can shoot a lot of good content in a whole day, and when you arrive at the hotel, you can find that the videos are shaky. It seems that such motion pictures can be left only for personal viewing, and not for publication on the Internet. This problem can be easily and quickly fixed if you have a first-class video stabilizer.

It allows you to easily deal with the problem of shaking even if your video is 4K. You can upload clips shot with your smartphone or action camera. In addition, a variety of tools for editing, changing the format, and recording the screen are available for each user.

Available on Windows and macOS.

CyberLink PowerDirector 

Beginning vloggers tend to start using professional software right away. However, after downloading it, many find that it is quite difficult to use it. However, if you’re serious about making travel videos, then you need something between a professional tool and a feature-limited but easy-to-understand program for beginners. 

This software is the right choice, offering a rich set of features and tools, yet easy to use. Everything you need, from impressive effects to adding subtitles, can be found here. All you have to do is think of a captivating plot, write a script and start filming. The finishing touches can be done in the final step using this advanced tool. 

Available on Windows and macOS.


Modern users who often travel to different countries want to shoot videos for viewing by other people. Creating a travel vlog is a great idea that can turn from a hobby into a well-paid job. There are a lot of options for such videos: guides, tips, unknown and little-known places, and much more. There are many such vloggers now. The only problem is creating a well-edited clip that is interesting and enjoyable to watch. Now you can edit videos, both on a computer and a smartphone, using effective mobile applications and software.

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