Hue abandoned water park – a helpful guide for visiting

The Hue abandoned water park is a creepy, abandoned water park located in Hue, Vietnam. The park has been abandoned for years and has become a popular destinations for those looking for an adventurous experience. I visited the park a few weeks ago and would like to share some useful tips and information with you.

A short history of the Hue abandoned water park

The water park, also called Thuy Tien lake Abandoned Water Park, was opened in the early 2000s and consisted of various water slides, pools, and other attractions. Due to financial problems, the park was closed in 2011. Since then the park has been left in a state of abandonment. Many of the structures have been vandalized, but you can still make out the shapes of the water slides and the walls of the tunnels. Despite its current state, the park remains a popular attraction for curious backpackers, who come to explore its mysterious atmosphere. In my experience, it’s a place like no other and a must-see for those looking for a unique adventure.

How to get to the Hue abandoned water park?

To get to the abandoned water park, you must first make your way to the nearby city of Hue. From there, it is a short drive to the park. You can either rent a scooter and drive to the park yourself or you can arrange a private car with a driver. A scooter will probably cost you between 150.000 VND and 250.00 VND, excluding gasoline. Together with some friends, I arranged a private car via my hotel and paid 300.000 VND.

The best place to access the abandoned water park in Hue

We told the driver to park at this location, so we could avoid the security guards that are most of the time patrolling at this location. He gave us 2 hours to explore the park, which was enough for us.

A place for bribery and corruption

Be prepared to pay (bribe) the security guard of the abandoned water park. The guards ride around on scooters trying to get as much money from tourists as possible.

Our experience with the guard at the water park is quite funny. As we walked through the park, we heard the scooter with the guard approaching and quickly hid in the bushes. However, the guard saw us as he drove by. He stopped and started laughing really hard. Then we walked out of the bushes towards the guard and he asked us immediately for money. We paid the guard 20.000 VND per person and then we were allowed to “walk freely”. He even showed us the way and told us to walk carefully because it could be slippery.

I have also heard stories of tourists who were turned away and who were not allowed to bribe the guards. So these guards could not be bribed. Keep in mind that this can also happen. In that case, please just leave the water park, as it still remains a deserted and forbidden place to visit.

What to wear to the water park?

Wear closed-shoes and dark clothes to blend in with the environment. Depending on the time of year, you may want to dress warmly and bring some rain gear.

Things to bring to the park

I recommend bringing a flashlight to explore the water slides and the tunnels of the aquarium with the dragon. These places are very dark. Also make sure to bring your camera, water, sunscreen and some snacks. Be sure to bring a fully charged cell phone and a mini first aid kit, in case of any minor injuries. Finally, make sure to have your ID on you, as you never know who you may run into.

Things to see at the Hue abandoned water park

The abandoned water park in Hue is an intriguing place to explore, filled with mysterious tunnels, eerie slides, and forgotten structures. The highlights of the park include the aquarium with the dragon, the amphitheater, the empty pools and the abandoned water slides.

– The aquarium with the dragon

The aquarium with the dragon used to be an attraction for all ages, featuring educational exhibits and an aquarium with brightly-colored fish, turtles, and other marine life. Today, this is the famous icon of the Hue abandoned water park. The dragon is still very impressive to see. You can walk through the steps towards the mouth of the dragon. From there you have a beautiful view of the lake.

– The fountain of forgetfulness

Another notable attraction is the fountain of forgetfulness, a tall and imposing structure that towers over the lake. The fountain is a unique design, with a wide pool that collects water at the top and cascades down the sides into the lake below. The sound of the running water is calming and peaceful, providing a soothing atmosphere to the surrounding area.

– The waterslides and swimming pools

The park had a total of eight water slides in varying sizes. The smallest slide is five meters long and the longest around twelve meters. The water slides and pools are fascinating to see, because of the faded paint, rusting metal and graffiti.

– The villas

There are also some abandoned villas in the park. The villas are full of color, with tall red walls, bright blue windows, and intricate designs and architecture.

– The amphitheater

The amphitheater was once the main attraction for the park and is a fantastic spot for pictures.

– The various sculptures, like the car

The abandoned water park was surrounded by a variety of sculptures depicting local legends and folklore. You can find a statue of a car on the east side of the dragon aquarium.

Remember that the park isn’t maintained

The Hue abandoned water park is an incredible place to explore, but the park has become overgrown with vegetation. Some structures are falling apart. Please be careful when walking around.

Respect the Hue abandoned water park

While you are probably tempted to explore the abandoned water park, it is important to respect its former glory. Please stay on the paths and do not litter or disturb nature. Avoid taking any souvenirs or leaving your marks on the park.


With these tips in mind, I’m sure that you will have an unforgettable experience exploring the Hue abandoned water park. The combination of the eerie atmosphere, the forgotten history, and the beauty of nature reclaiming the area make visiting this park an unforgettable experience.

If you have any questions about the above mentioned information, please let me know in the comment section below. I’m happy to help you. Safe travels!

Author: Daphne

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