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Get your vehicle ready for a summer road trip

Summer is all about exciting road trips! As the vacation season begins, so does the planning of various trips around the country. If you are also among the lucky people who are planning a road trip, you should know that your car should be in its best condition.

I have seen many people who ignore their car maintenance and go on a road trip without any precautionary measures. The result is a disaster as half of the times they end up stuck in the middle of nowhere. 

Apart from the daily maintenance, there are some steps that every driver should take before embarking on any long journey.  If you are not familiar with such tips, we are here to help you with that!

Clean your car

Just because you are going on a road trip doesn’t mean that your car has to be dirty from inside out. Not only does it look unimpressive, but it is also a risk. Dirty windshields mean that you won’t be able to see the road clearly. Same is the case with the windshield wipers. Dirty wipers will not clean the glass, but will create even more spots.

Keep your wipers clean and your car spotless. If there is any junk in your car, throw it out. An Electric Pressure Washer for cars is the ultimate solution. It can get rid of all the grime and dirt on your car and does the work in lesser time.

Secure custom-fit accessories tailored to your car model to protect your vehicle from specks of mud, grime, and dust. Maintain the cleanliness of your car inside and out to keep you protected and safe on the road.

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Check your tires

Check the pressure of your tires regularly. The needs become more important when you are starting a long journey, because the gas stations on the road may not have any pressure gauge. If your tires are over-inflated or under-inflated, it poses a risk of accidents.

If you want to maximize your driving enjoyment, invest in wider wheels and summer tires that are suitable for warmer months. If you want to change the tires yourself, invest in the best jack stand. Keep an extra tire in your trunk in case one of the tires gets punctured. Traveling without a spare tire could get you in trouble on the road.

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Check the headlights

When you are on the road, you may have to drive at night as well. Sometimes you can encounter fog on the way which can make it difficult for you to see. For such conditions, your headlights should be working properly. It is something on which you cannot compromise. Therefore, invest in high-quality LED highlights and ensure a safe journey. 

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Check your engine oil

Driving your car with old oil can be harmful to your engine parts. When you are traveling in summer, the high temperatures require higher oil viscosity. Most of the new cars can run a year on the same viscosity oil, but if you own an older car, you should upgrade to a heavier oil. 

Experts recommend that engine oil must be changed after every six months. If it has been a while since your oil change, you should go to a mechanic, so you don’t face any trouble during the traveling.

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Check your battery date

Car batteries are more likely to die in the heat of the summer. If you haven’t changed your battery for three years, get it tested or get a new unit as a preventative measure to avoid any inconvenience.

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See if your AC is working

If you are going on a road trip in summer, chances are you are going to experience some intense heat waves on the road. Most of the people don’t bother to check if their car is working properly. It is only when they are on the road that they find out that they will have to spend the long journey without any air-conditioning. 

If your car has an AC, it would be wise to check its gas. It is possible that there is a gas leakage, and the AC may not work. The simple test is to turn on the AC. If it is blowing cold air, then the AC is working fine. But if it is not, you need to get a mechanic to fix it.

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Take these steps before you go on a road trip to make sure your car is in perfect condition. Good Luck!

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