10 Amazing things to do in Las Vegas in the Winter

Winter is a great season to visit Las Vegas; the cooler temperatures make it easier to enjoy all the outdoor activities and you can do many activities that are not there in the summer. It’s one of the most popular months for Las Vegas tourism and there is something to do for everyone, even if you’re visiting as a family. If you bring a warm jacket and some comfortable clothes, you can spend the entire day outdoors. In this article, I’ve collected 10 amazing things that you can do in Las Vegas in the winter.

1) Stroll around the Botanical Gardens

One of my favorite things to do in Vegas in winter is to stroll around the Botanical Gardens. It is a 14,000-square-foot facility containing colorful flowers and plants with soothing scents. The gardens receive a temporary Christmas upgrade for December that is amazing to see. The additions include a 42-foot-tall Christmas tree featuring 10,000 beautiful lights, a life-size gingerbread cottage, and 8,000+ ornaments. I’m sure it will feel like a fairytale as soon as you step into the gardens!

Tip: head there at night, the fountains are prettier to watch when light up

2) Play games at the Pinball hall of fame

If you like playing games or if it’s raining all day, the indoor Pinball hall of fame is a must-visit in Las Vegas. You can explore over 200 different pinball games and other arcade games. I love it! It’s free to visit and for most machines you only pay 25 cents per play.

3) Attend at least one Las Vegas Show

Many fabulous Las Vegas shows perform during the wintertime, such as All Motown, Bill Maher, O by Cirque du Soleil, Legends in Concert, The Rat Pack is Back or Michael Jackson Live. I recommend to see at least one show during your winter vacation in Las Vegas to complete the Las Vegas experience. 

Try to purchase your tickets in advance because the winter show tickets usually sell out quickly. Also, you can find incredible discounts if you buy tickets online by following the offers posted on Vegas Lens. The website provides exclusive ticket discount opportunities on the best winter shows performing in Las Vegas.

4) Ice skate at the Cosmopolitan Ice Rink

Nothing feels like winter more than skating at an ice rink. The Cosmopolitan Hotel has one of the few ice rinks in Las Vegas, which is a treat to see in a desert city like this one. Visit the Boulevard Pool area at the Cosmopolitan Hotel to find the popular Ice Rink.

Light snow showers fall onto the ice rink every half hour at different times of the day and night throughout the month of December. It creates a festive experience and gets you in the mood for spending your winter holiday in Las Vegas. Along with ice-skating, you can find warm drinks, fire pits, and s’mores. The rink usually opens mid-November through New Year’s.

5) Check out Downtown Container Park

The Downtown Container Park is a new urban concept in Las Vegas and features lots of shops, restaurants and activities. The location hosts a variety of fun activities each week. Examples are silent discos, sunset drum shows, jazz sessions, yoga classes and art shows. Check their official website to see what’s going on.

Source: Instagram @containerpark

6) Kayak in the Emerald Cave

The Emerald Cave is a small gorgeous cave along the Colorado River near the western Nevada border. This natural wonder is about a one-hour drive from Las Vegas and contains mystical-looking green water. It is fun to kayak in the Emerald Cave during the winter because of the hot springs and cooler temperatures. If it is your first time kayaking in the cave, it is best to go on a guided tour. The tour guide has the proper safety gear, equipment, and knowledge to ensure it is a safe and educational adventure for you.

Tip: the Black Canyon Water Trail goes through the cave and lights up in the early afternoons at around 2 PM.

7) Visit the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam attracts about a million tourists annually and is believed to be one of the most impressive dams ever constructed. Winter is the perfect time to explore the Hoover Dam, because the indoor dam temperatures are cool enough for walking comfortably and tirelessly.

If you book a tour, your tour guide will teach you about the history of the dam and the engineering manpower which went into it. Once the tour ends, you’ll have a few hours to explore the various sections of the dam, such as the visitor’s center, observation deck, power plant, theater, and exhibition halls. If you are short on time and budget, you can skip a tour and just stroll over the top of the Dam for free.

Tip: walk the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge for the best views of the Hoover Dam and the Colorado River.

8) Visit the Red Rock Canyon

Another fun winter activity in Las Vegas is to drive 13 miles from Vegas to the Red Rock Canyon. It is a scenic trip offering beautiful mountainous sights, adventurous hiking trails, local wildlife, and more. You may even see actual Native American petroglyphs on some rocks while traveling on the hiking trails. 

The cool winter temperatures may motivate you to rock climb, camp or picnic at the canyon site. Go to the Visitor’s Center at the canyon for more information about the best ways to hike or book a guided tour in advance.

9) See the street performers at Fremont street

There’s no shortage of shops to choose from in Las Vegas. Fremont Street is a fun outdoor mall and a place for a lively night out in Las Vegas. I love the street performers and Viva Vision Light Show. The light show takes place on the world’s largest video screen, located on the ceiling. It is a free show and is in my opinion one of the greatest Las Vegas attractions.

10) Hike in the Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is one of my other favorite places to visit in Las Vegas. It’s a 50 minutes drive north of Las Vegas and exists of amazing red rock formations, bighorn sheep and fun hiking trails. The cooler winter temperatures make it the perfect destination for hiking or picnicking. I love hiking the Mouse’s Tank trail and the Fire Wave. I think that these are the most beautiful spots in the park. If you are not comfortable with hiking alone, you can also book a hiking tour with a guide. I can highly recommend this.

Tip: if you are just driving through the park, plan on being there for an hour or two. If you want to explore every trail and overlook, plan on a full day.

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Other exciting things to do in Las Vegas in the month December

In December it’s extra fun to visit Las Vegas! The city is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and decorations. There are lots of opportunities to see Santa, go ice skating and do other holiday activities. Some other fun things to do in Las Vegas in December are visiting the winter wonderland at the LINQ Promenade, participate in the Las Vegas Great Sant Run, try some chocolate tasting at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. see the handcrafted Chinese lanterns at Cowabunga Bay and walk through the Magic Forest.


These are all great things to do in Las Vegas in the winter. I hope you have found this article helpful in planning your trip to Las Vegas in winter. I’ve always had a wonderful time enjoying the amazing things to do in Las Vegas during the cooler weather. If you want to learn more about the Las Vegas entertainment options available for the winter and other times of the year, you can visit this website and educate yourself regarding the various shows, tours, hotels, pools, and transportation options available for the winter.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below.

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