The best Spring Break destinations in the USA

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year; the dreary chilling winters slowly fade away to make way for new blossoms and crisp fresh ambiance entrenched with pleasantness and radiance. The temperature stays comfortable during the spring season and everyone looks forward to the spring break as a long awaited escape from daily routines. This is also the time when most schools and colleges are shut for vacations giving students their much-needed break and families to get together for a joyous outing together. USA is a massive country and has amazing hotspots perfect for spring breaks. Here’s a shortlist of absolutely delightful places quite popular as spring break destinations.


Florida boasts as the King of Spring Break destinations. Set on the east coast of USA, Florida enjoys a prime location teeming with expansive beaches, balmy waters and tropical sunset and has a perfect weather during spring to enjoy a lovely sabbatical. Almost all the beaches in Florida are swarming with tourists during US spring break mainly the Miami Beach which stands out as a top favourite among teens and students who want to let go of the steam after a rigorous study year. Tampa Bay, Amelia Island, Panama City Beach and Key West are some other happening spots to visit during spring time due to its holiday verve and excitement.  Orlando in Florida is home to the Walt Disney World Resorts, Universal Studios, Sea World and Legoland which makes it the ideal place to be if you are planning an American Spring break vacation with your family. The arrival of spring spurts up dazzling new events and special features based on coming festivities like Easter in these recreational parks.  Take your family for a dream vacation here and watch your kids love the excitement of these fascinating theme parks during spring break.

Las Vegas

No matter what time or season of the year, it’s always party time in Las Vegas! This desert city gleams and dazzles in exuberance.  Spring is the best time to be in Las Vegas as it isn’t too hot during the spring season here. Renowned for its casinos and lively night parties, Las Vegas is often considered as a place not recommended for families. However, it is not necessary that if you are in Vegas, you have to be in a nightclub or a casino; there are plenty of places which entertain family and kids. You can spend some quality time with your near and dear ones at elegant hotels, have a gala meal, splash around in magnanimous pools, enjoy plenty of attractions such as Madame Tussauds, Grand Canyon and watch world class performances such as the Cirque de Soleil and many entertaining musical and stage shows. Watch the city’s glam and brightness from the city observation desk or simply stroll around and enjoy street performers and dancers performing under bright neon lights of the city.

San Diego

San Diego is a complete family destination at any time of the year. The city is quite well known for its blithe atmosphere and laid-back leisure. It offers gorgeous beaches and an impressive array of places to go for spring break. The arrival of spring ushers in pleasant sunny days with a whole host recreational and entertainment options. Visitors can spend lazy days at the beaches, go whale watching on a cruise or stroll among the blooming flowers at Balboa Park and Flower fields at Carlsbad Ranch. Families can have a great time with kids at LEGOLAND California, San Diego Zoo and Sea World. In all San Diego makes a pleasant place for sublime escapes and remains one of the finest spring break destinations in USA.

Washington D.C.

The capital city profoundly has sights that are more significant historical and might sound as a dull destination to visit for spring nature lovers. But this is where you can find yourself amid falling pink and white petals of blossoming cherry trees. Spring brings in the perfect temperature for cherry blossoms in Washington D.C and hence it is the best place for cherry blossom viewing in USA. View these beautiful blooms at the annual cherry blossom festival held at the Tidal Basin. The spring weather is absolutely perfect for outdoor activities and you can go exploring the city’s iconic places and landmarks on bike tours. Since many of the attractions are free of charge, it’s an added advantage to explore the city in an affordable way.


The medley of sun, sea, and sand is absolutely idyllic here in Hawaii and spring just makes it more jovial.  Here’s a place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle and spend your time in bliss amid the fantastic splendors of nature, culture, and cuisine. If you are an adventure seeker, then gear up and dive down into the ocean for snorkeling and scuba diving, or ride a giant wave on a surfing session. Hawaii sure knows how to impress and pamper its visitors.  The lush tropical setting and endless stretches of turquoise waters and white grainy sands itself acts as an antidote to the busy, cumbersome life and revives you with exquisite activities, extravagant nightlife, and delectable food.


Spring in Colorado is a fusion of wintry landscapes and fresh blooms. The atmosphere is warmer but there is still snow covered landscapes making it a one of a kind nature adventure destination. Here the weather is still suitable to keep the snow from melting thus giving you a sprawling landscape of powdered snow apt for skiing excursions. Families flock to Granby, Aspen, and Monte Vista for last minute skiing vacations before the summers arrive. It is also the best time to visit the hot springs in Steamboat springs, Gunnison and Glenwood springs to enjoy these nature phenomenon surrounded by the astounding beauty of towering mountains and lush forests.

Perhaps the most beloved season among travelers, spring is that time of the year when everything is fresh and glorious. It signifies a new beginning and reminds us to stop and smell the roses. Burdened with daily schedules, commitments and work pressure, spring break vacation comes as a pleasant interlude to unwind and distress with a short vacation and come back rejuvenated and start fresh with our ongoing lives. The time is perfect to visit the US in spring as the winter blues slowly ebbs away and the onset of summer offers enough sunshine to enjoy pleasant outdoor activities.  So get in touch with a tour expert, plan your suitable USA vacation, check for USA visa requirements and enjoy a memorable holiday experience at this colossal country.

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