Which US state has the best mountains?

The USA has landscapes as diverse as the sea is wide; from snowy mountain peaks to scorching canyon basins, rugged deserts, and lush green rolling hills, there is nothing you can’t see in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

But which US state has the best mountains? The western third of the country is enveloped by The Rockies and the Great Basin, creating dramatic landscapes as far as the eye can see. The central planes stand in stark contrast with wide-open spaces, perfect for farmland. Towards the East Coast, the land starts to tower once more as the Appalachian Mountains start to rise from the earth.

The time is now to get your bags packed, sort out your ESTA, hop on a plane and venture into the USA to see some of the most beautiful mountains known to man.


You are sorely mistaken if you think California is all beaches and Hollywood. This is one of the most beautiful states in the USA with a slew of natural wonders stretching into every corner of the state.

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range runs through Yosemite National Park, one of the most visited places in the States. Spectacular peak formations like El Capitan and Half Dome with sweeping conifer forests draped between their feet are some of the most iconic mountain-scapes in the USA.


Continental USA is not the only geographically spectacular destination to consider. Hawaii has 8 main islands, each with more beautiful mountains than the next.

The jagged remnants of ancient volcanoes create hauntingly beautiful Jurassic displays. With mist clinging to the clifftops and rampant waterfalls spouting from the cliffs, these scenes look straight out of the movies.


The rugged untamed wilderness of Alaska is another truly unique mountain landscape in the USA. Many of these mountains can only be seen from the water or the sky which makes the adventure even greater.

The Alaskan Mountain Range is where you can see Denali, the highest peak in North America, towering above 20,000 feet.


Mountain life is at the core of Utah’s identity. Even the skyline of Salt Lake City is dominated by the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

More than 85% of the people in Utah live within 15 miles of the Wasatch Mountains, a range with no less than 12 ski resorts and tons of hiking and climbing opportunities.

The Uinta Mountains runs east to west and offers stunning displays of both sunrises and sunsets. In Southern Utah, you will find the La Sal Mountains creating a stunning juxtaposition to Arches National Park and the red rock Canyonlands in the basin.

Utah has no shortage of mountain ranges and around each corner, you will find a stunning vantage point overlooking lakes, alien landscapes, forests, and canyons.


Colorado is one of the three most mountainous states next to Alaska and California. There are more than 50 peaks rising above 14,000 feet speaking to the unparalleled verticality of the state.

A drive between Telluride and Denver will take your breath away and the towns of Breckenridge and Crested Butte are highly popular ski destinations with some of the best slopes in the country. Mount Elbert, the highest summit in the Rocky Mountains, is also in Utah, located in the San Isabel National Forest.

West Virginia

The Appalachian Mountains run through West Virginia, one of the best places to enjoy mountains on the East Coast.

The Blue Ridge Mountains have inspired songs and poetry alike, stretching from Pennsylvania in the north, to Georgia in the south.

Blackwater Falls State Park has one of the state’s most photographed spots, Pendleton Point Overlook, offering panoramic views that are especially striking once fall foliage arrives.


Another west-coast gem for mountain lovers is the state of Washington. Here are two dominating mountain ranges, the Olympic Mountains and the Cascades. Mount Rainer is the most iconic peak, keeping a watchful eye over Seattle from a distance.

Mount Baker is famed for its sheer volume of snow, once receiving 1,140 inches in one season. Here you can also see the most dangerous active stratovolcano in the continental USA, mount St. Helen, which last erupted in the 60s.


As home to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming delivers some of the most beautiful mountain vistas in the USA. The state has the second-highest average altitude in the country and multiple jaw-dropping ranges.

The Teton Range seems to rise out of the nothingness surrounded by gold aspen trees and clear lakes. Wildlife in the mountains of Wyoming is also abundant with bison and elk grazing while mountain lions stalk from the rocky ledges and the bald eagle soars high above.

The state has great planes to the east and mountains to the west, the perfect balance of landscapes.

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