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Top 5 restaurants on the Dutch island Vlieland

The Dutch island Vlieland is part of the Wadden Islands, which are part of the countries Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, there are eight Wadden Islands from which five are inhabited.

I’ve already been several times to Vlieland. In this article, I’d like to share with you my top 5 restaurants on the island. Enjoy!

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De Dining Vlieland
Photo via the website of De Dining

Harbor pavilion De Dining

As the name already tells, you can find this restaurant at the harbor of Vlieland. It’s a lovely place to have lunch, dinner or a drink either on the terrace or inside. De Dining is an à la carte restaurant where you can have all kind of dishes: fish, meat, vegetarian, you name it. As for drinks, De Dining offers a wide range of smoothies and coffee specials.

Harbor pavilion De Dining is open each day of the week, from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM. Outside the Summer season it’s possible that the restaurant closes earlier. It’s best to make a reservation for dinner beforehand.

Havenweg 70
8899 BC Vlieland

Restaurant Plezant

Located in the heart of the center of the only Village at Vlieland, you can find Restaurant Plezant. During our last visit to Vlieland (June 2021), they completely renovated the inside of the restaurant and we had a lovely evening. The restaurant has a really cosy vibe (nostalgic like they say themselves on their website, which is right!).

You can either have dinner or have a drink (with snack) at Restaurant Plezant. The menu is à la carte and you can chose between diverse options of dishes. They also serve a really nice burger!

Restaurant Plezant is open each day of the week from 02:00 PM until 10:00 PM.

Dorpsstraat 12
8899 AH Vlieland

Beach pavilion ’t Badhuys

Also this name already tells its location. Beach pavilion ‘t Badhuys is located at the beach, which really gives a holiday / summer vibe! You can visit ‘t Badhuys for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a drink. There’s so much choice! From something sweet with coffee to an extensive breakfast and from burgers & pizza to delicious fish dishes and meal salads. It’s a nice place to go to during each time of the day.

Beach pavilion ‘t Badhuys is open each day of the week from 10:00 AM for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In July and August they’re open from 09:00 AM. The kichen is open until 10:00 PM.

Badweg 6
8899 BV Vlieland

Restaurant Posthuys Vlieland
Photo via the website of Restaurant Posthuys

Restaurant Posthuys

Restaurant Posthuys is located on a whole other side of Vlieland. Via a beautiful route through the dunes, you can easily bike to Restaurant Posthuys in half an hour from the Dorpsstraat (it’s approximately 9 kilometers). There’s a wide range of lunch and dinner dishes, including dishes for the children. The menu for dinner also is à la carte.

Restaurant Posthuys is open (valid until November 14th 2021) from 10:00 AM until 08:00 PM. The kitchen opens at 11:30 AM for lunch and closes at 05:00 PM. You can have dinner from 06:00 PM until 08:00 PM, the kitchen closes at 07:00 PM. In the Winter season, the restaurant is only open in the weekends and in the Christmas Holidays. Best is to make a reservation beforehand.

Postweg 4
8899 BZ Vlieland

Photo via the website of De Bolder

De Bolder

When you’re looking for an eatery which serves more simpler dishes, but are just as delicious, De Bolder is the place for you! It’s located at the Stortemelk camping, but accessible for everyone who would like to pay a visit. At De Bolder you can have some lunch, dinner or just a drink with a snack. You can either sit on the terrace or inside, the vibe is nice and lively at both places! When you’re visiting De Bolder in the evening, there are some board games available which you can play with your family / friends.

The eatery De Bolder is open on a daily base from July 10th until August 13th from 10:00 AM until 12:00 AM. From August 13th until September 5th, De Bolder is also open each day, but in this time from 10:00 AM until 01:00 AM. The kitchen is open until 09:00 PM.

Kampweg 1
8899 BX Vlieland

This is my top 5 list of restaurants on Vlieland. Of course there are several other restaurants on Vlieland which are great as well, but this is just my personal list. What’s your favorite?

Author: Tamara

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