There is a chance that your vacation might involve rain. Some people bring a great umbrella with them and go on about their itinerary, while others face difficulties staying entertained in the rain. This post includes 50 activities you can do on a rainy day while traveling.

Indoor activities to do on
a rainy day while traveling

Throw a room party

Ever wondered what an epic hotel room party or hostel party was like? Why not throw one yourself!

Watch the rain

Just looking to the rain can be very peaceful! Or depressing if you want to go outside…

Try the local delicacies

Research the top 10 local delicacies and try at least one of them!

Enjoy a weird activity

Build a fort in your 4-bunk bed dorm room or organize a dance party in the shared kitchen.

Write someone a postcard

Postcards are amazing and everybody likes them! Send some post cards about your travel experience.

Organize your phone

Delete old photos, organize your contacts, delete some applications, just take your time to organize your phone.

Do some puzzles

Exercise your brain with some puzzles.

Write some reviews

Stayed somewhere good? Eaten a great dish? Share your experience online.

Write a bucket list

Places you still like to visit? Dishes you still like to try? Write a bucket list. You can find my bucket list with 150 things to do before I die here. You can also write a bucket list regarding a specific subject like a things you still want to do in a certain town or a food bucket list.

Read some blogs

From travel tips to personal stories and life journeys to anecdotes and recipes, the internet is filled with brilliant blogs to follow.

Do some meditation

A rainy day is a great day to do some meditation.

Listen to music

Music is always nice to hear! Just lay down at your bed or catch up with some friends, and listen to some tunes. You can go outside and look for some live music!

Play games

Go to a game hall to play some arcade games or play a game in the ho(s)tel.

Catch up on your Instagramming

Place some of your photos on your Instagram account. You’ll find us on Instagram here.

2017 best nine

Take a nap

Take a nap, but don´t forget to set your alarm.

Learn a new language

Use your time to learn some of the local language. A good application on your phone to do so is ´Duolingo´.

Cook something

Get together with some people, learn about other international kitchens, or cook your own favorite dish for them.

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Do some trip planning

Plan your (next) trip.

Make some new friends

Those people hanging around in the common area or waiting room are probably bored too. Strike up a conversation and perhaps you make new friends.

Keep your journal up to date

I always write down my travel experiences. A rainy day is a good moment to write a little.


Draw something

Drawing is good for your brain and can be much fun!

Learn how to play a music instrument

If you’re staying in a hostel, you won’t have to search hard to find some sort of musical instrument. Try to learn some tunes!

Catch up on your messaging

I always have some messages that I forget to answer. Open your messenger and start that conversation that you were planning on a long time ago.

Organize your luggage

Being stuck inside is a great time to organize your luggage! Read our 20 useful tips for packing your backpack! 


Enter some travel competitions

Have some (travel) competitions with your friends.

Get day drunk

Always fun idea, but make sure to drink responsibly!

Do some yoga

Find an inside place where you can follow a yoga class or when you are already familiar with yoga, you can do it in your ho(s)tel.

Sort your photos into albums

Sort your photos! Delete the blurry ones, organize them into albums, and create a slideshow for your friends and family.

Call home

Use the time hiding inside, to call some of your beloved ones. Call your mum, dad, grandma, or one of your great friends!

Do your laundry

One of the dullest things to do while travelling; doing your laundry. However, doing this on a rainy day is a win-win situation, because you can’t go outside anyway.

Organize a movie day

When you really have nothing to do, it might be fun to watch some movies or documentaries. You can find the 60 best travel movies ever in this post!

Outdoor activities to do on a
rainy day while traveling

Embrace the rain

Instead of running away from the rain, walk out into it. Grab an umbrella and continue your travel itinerary.

Go to the cinema

Go watch a movie at the local cinema or at a bar that organizes a movie marathon or movie night.

Visit a museum

Museums always get busier on rainy days, but you can avoid that long line at the ticket counter by buying tickets online before you go.

Go on a pubcrawl

Gather with friends and organize a pubcrawl! Remember to drink responsible.

Search a good book

I love to stroll around libraries on rainy days. Go visit a library or bookstore, hide in a cozy corner, and do some reading. Check out my list of the 44 best travel books of all time.


Go on a coffee crawl

Are you a coffee lover or a pie lover? Go find the little local coffee shops and enjoy a cake, coffee, or cup of tea.

Go shopping

Go visit local craft shops, clothing stores, or local supermarkets, and do some shopping.

Go to a spa

Visiting a spa is also a great idea on a rainy day. Try a massage, manicure, pedicure, sauna, or typical bathhouse experience.

Take some photos

Go outside and make some amazing photographs. Rainy days can offer some very interesting shots.

Find an indoor or heated swimming pool

You can still have the holiday feel of warm water by finding a covered or heated swimming pool.

Look for underground activities

A good moment to explore underground tourist attractions, is when it is raining. Think about mines or caves.

Find a daytime ‘night’ club.

At certain cities, you can find a nightclub at any time of the day.

Learn how things are made

Learn more about the handicrafts or local food from the place you are visiting. Go visit the local cheese factory, chocolate bar, wood carver, or Jewelry factory.

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Go for a workout

Try the fitness room of your hotel or go for a run outside. Running in the rain is very refreshing.

Go for a long lunch or dinner

Get stuck in a restaurant and enjoy some good food.

Book a homestay

When staying at a local homestay or AirBnB accommodation, you are more likely to get into contact with a local. See how locals tackle rainy days or cook together some authentic dishes.

Visit the local religious establishment

Regardless of whether you’re religious or not, the local religious building can provide refuge from the rain and most of these structures are usually impressive. Keep the local customs in mind while visiting.

Sedlec Ossuary – Czech Republic

Take the hop on hop off city sightseeing bus

If there is a hop on hop off city sightseeing bus at the place you are visiting, it might be a good way to sightsee while staying dry (at least if you stay inside the bus).

Go wine or beer tasting

Visit a local brewery or wine location, and learn about the local drink.

This is the list with 50 things you can do on a rainy day while travelling. I hope the rain has already cleared by the time you get to the end of this list. If not, I hope you’ve got some ideas for how to spend the rest of your rainy travel itinerary.

Any suggestions to add? Let me know in the comments below…

Author: Daphne

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7 Replies to “50 Things to do on a rainy day while traveling”

  1. We’ve just come back from Cape Town and did have some rainy days. We decided to take a cable car ride anyway and then went to the pub. Yoga would have been a much healthier option and one I would also have enjoyed but the friends I was travelling with are not into it

  2. I hate the rain so it is always disappointing when it rains and I’m travelling! If I’m only away for the weekend I brave it as much as I can, and go to museums and nice foodie places, but as I usually travel long term I tend to do practical things like laundry and trip planning. But day drinking is always a good option too!! 😉

  3. All great ideas! My rainy days are usually spent visiting museums, hanging out in cafes, or if I am feeling really lazy – bingewatching Netflix! I remember visiting Mallorca in Spain last year and doing these on an especially rainy day there. It’s great if you make the most of it :).

  4. Hey! We did #2 and #3 from the list last year in Bali. We just watched the rain while enjoyed our breakfast.

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